The most beautiful stations in Bavaria

Next stop: architectural highlight. These Bavarian stations are more than just a starting point for your journey – they are worth a visit in themselves.


Next stop: architectural highlight. Whether they are a spectacular centrepiece of the city or a rural gem – these Bavarian stations are more than just a starting point for your journey. They are worth a visit in themselves.

Nuremberg main station

One of the most attractive major railway stations in Germany.
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Oberstdorf station

The station in this market town links the past with the present
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Aschaffenburg station

Since 2012, Aschaffenburg main station has been graced with the title of "Station of the Year".
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Murnau station

A station as attractive as its environment.
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Aschaffenburg main station
Nearest station: Aschaffenburg main station Ludwigstraße 2
63739 Aschaffenburg
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