The 7 most rustic mountain cabins in Bavaria – and the route up to them

Leave your daily stresses behind you and relax in a rustic cabin.


Escape from the daily grind and forget all your commitments and deadlines for a short while – a stay in a mountain cabin will clear your head – and is only a hike away from the station. Off we go then.

Weites Feld mit Kapelle und Bergpanorama im Hintergrund

Hiking up to Tutzinger Hütte cabin near Benediktbeuern

After a around two-and-a-half hours of hiking from the station you will reach the rustic Tutzinger Hütte cabin.
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The Tutzinger Hütte cabin is in the Bavarian Prealps at the bottom of the North face of the Benediktenwand ridge and impresses with tasty snacks and cosy rooms for the night.

Fenster von Hütte mit Blumen davor

Cabin "Brunnenkopf"

Cabin "Brunnenkopf" has everything you need to relax and unwind: a picturesque backdrop and proximity to the wide-open sky.
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The Brunnenkopfhütte cabin is extremely popular with hikers because of its Kaiserschmarrn (a local shredded pancake dessert). This is because the landlady Irmi always prepares it freshly according to her secret family recipe. While parents can relax and enjoy a beer after their meal, children can admire, stroke and feed chamois buck Maxl, the cabin mascot, outside. Anyone who fancies livening up the cabin with a bit of music can simply ask the cabin manager Norbert Misniks for an accordion or guitar.

Hölzernes Fenster einer Hütte mit roten Blumen in Blumenkasten

Mountain meadow trail to the Füssener Hütte cabin near Musau (Austria)

The Füssener Hütte cabin features deer antlers on the walls, weather-worn wooden façades and long beer tables.
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In addition, the Füssener Hütte cabin is in an area with no phone reception, which means you can quickly forget daily life. Above all if you spend the night there – there are 65 spaces to sleep.

Alpenpanorama mit blauem Himmel

The Tegelberghaus

The Tegelberghaus is not just a hut, it is a place with a heart. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the mountains, it offers its visitors a marvellous panorama and hearty, traditional dishes. It is the ideal starting point for hikes and other outdoor activities.
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The Bednar family provides everything you need to feel comfortable and happy in the Tegelberghaus cabin – the schnitzel portions are huge and it's cosy and warm in the shared bedrooms. And if the weather gods are kind, you can get a clear view of Neuschwanstein castle on the house for free. By the way, the mountain cabin also has a royal background – Maximilian II stayed here during his numerous hunting trips in the mountains.

Blick auf Holzhütte mit Fenster und davor geschlagenem Holz

To Falkenberghaus cabin in Vorra

A wonderful group excursion to Vorra. Perfect for a little break in a large group: the Falkenberghaus cabin stands in a forest above the idyllic Pegnitztal valley.
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The self-catering cabin with 31 spaces to sleep is still a hidden gem. Due to its secluded location, the Falkenberghaus cabin is also excellently suited for birthdays or other celebrations.

Blühende Alpenwiese mit Berghütte und Bergpanorama

Trip to Kösseinehaus cabin in the Fichtel mountains

A wonderful trip: Kösseinehaus cabin has been enticing hikers to the Fichtel mountains since 1903.
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Although, and perhaps because the Kösseinehaus cabin in Upper Franconia has more than 100 years of history under its belt, it has become a rest stop for hikers. You can spend the night in one of the 21 beds for just EUR 25 (incl. breakfast).

Brücke über eine Klamm

Start a mountain hike at Garmisch station, then climb the spectacular path to the Alpine lodge of Höllentalangerhütte

From fields to mountains: the spectacular Höllental gorge leads through dramatic scenery to a beautiful destination.
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Whether on a day's hike or as part of a 3-day trip up Zugspitze (Germany's highest mountain) – the Reintalangerhütte cabin in the Wetterstein mountains isn't short on visual appeal and provides a place to stay for the night for up to 132 people. In the Höllentalangerhütte cabin there are 106 places to sleep for tired hikers and bikers.

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Nearest station: Oberammergau
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