Home Inspiration The best view of Bavaria – from a viewpoint to a balloon trip

The best view of Bavaria – from a viewpoint to a balloon trip


Not scared of heights? Then please read on. Scared of heights? Then read on anyway so you don't miss out. Here are five trip tips for those who have set their sights high when travelling by rail.

A Franconian vineyard panorama – the “terroir f” lookout point in Iphofen

A view far and wide over the Franconian wine country – enjoy it at the “terroir f” lookout point in Iphofen.
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Balloon flight above the Upper Palatinate

Also for people with a fear of flying: A balloon flight above Bavaria is perfect for anyone who wants a relaxing journey without engine noise.
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The Olympiaturm (Olympic tower) in Munich: high above the city

From zero to nearly 200 metres in 30 seconds: that’s how fast the lift in the Olympiaturm (Olympic tower) in Munich can take you up over the city.
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Simply wow! The AlpsiX in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

A floating steel X in the cliffs: this is the AlpspiX viewing platform, which is located directly over the mountain station of the Alpspitzbahn cable car in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
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The former “window into the GDR” – the Thüringer Warte tower near Ludwigsstadt

Up to the most northerly lookout point in Bavaria: the Thüringer Warte tower near Ludwigsstadt is less then 200 metres away from the border between Bavaria and Thuringia (which was previously part of the GDR).
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