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Discover Bavaria's museums by train


Bavaria's breathtaking nature impresses locals and guests alike. The imposing Alpine peaks, crystal clear lakes and idyllic forests offer an unforgettable experience for nature lovers. But Bavaria has much more to offer. A wealth of museums, which are worth a visit not only in bad weather, are waiting to be discovered by you on a day trip by train. From the Army Museum in Ingolstadt to the Toy Museum in Nuremberg, there is something for everyone to discover. We present five places that invite you to visit a museum.

Bernried: A voyage of discovery through Expressionism

A visit to the Buchheim Museum in Bernried on Lake Starnberg lets you experience art with all your senses. This is why the museum is also called the Museum of the Imagination. For the visitor, there are three perspectives of contemplation: art, architecture and nature. At the centre is the expressionist collection of the museum's founder, Lothar-G√ľnther Buchheim. He brought together paintings, works of art and artefacts, but also furniture from all over the world and united them under one roof. The exhibits are constantly rearranged to surprise and inspire visitors. A special feature of the museum, for example, are two benches in the exhibition that move back and forth.... The Museum of Imagination is a place for everyone who wants to understand art not only with the mind, but with the whole body.

In addition to the art in the exhibition rooms, the building itself is also a real eye-catcher. With its multi-layered and varied modern architecture, the museum building resembles a ship anchored on the shore of Lake Starnberg, connecting the waves of art with the nearby mountains and nature. The museum opens its balconies, its long pier and its windows to the visitors, giving them a glimpse of the beauty of the landscape and the creativity of the artworks. The museum building thus forms a bridge between two worlds. 
The third perspective deals with the museum's surroundings, for the museum is located in an enchanting park on the shores of Lake Starnberg. Höhenrieder Park is a place where art and nature blend harmoniously. You can stroll through different areas, sometimes designed by man and sometimes left to nature. In the process, you will repeatedly encounter fascinating works of art between old trees that invite you to pause and contemplate. In the café, you can relax and let your gaze wander over the glittering lake and the sculptures in the greenery.

Buchheim Museum in Bernried vor blauem Himmel

"Fantasy" museum in Bernried: Buchheim Museum der Phantasie

All his life, author, film-maker and painter Lothar-G√ľnther Buchheim collected paintings and artefacts. Now, visitors can see his collection at the museum (4,000 m2) by Lake Starnberg.
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Munich: A must for art lovers

A short distance north of Munich's main railway station lies the Munich Art Area. Here you will find an unparalleled range of cultural attractions during your excursion by train. On K√∂nigsplatz you will find two museums dedicated to the art of antiquity - the Glyptothek and the Staatliche Antikensammlung - as well as the Lenbachhaus, a museum of modern art in the former villa of the painter Franz von Lenbach, which exhibits works by the Blaue Reiter, among others. The heart of the art area a little further away, however, is the Munich Pinakotheken. The three museums offer a unique insight into European art history. 

While the Alte Pinakothek houses an impressive collection of European artworks from the 14th to 18th centuries, the Neue Pinakothek displays works of European art from the 19th century, including masterpieces by Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Gustav Klimt. The Pinakothek der Moderne houses an impressive collection of modern art, including works by Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo. Here you can discover and understand the art of the 20th and 21st centuries. In addition to the Pinakothek museums, there are numerous other museums in Munich's Kunstareal waiting to be explored during your visit.

Kunstfreunde in der Alten Pinakothek

Pinakotheken in Munich: Discover art

On a walk through the Kunstareal Munich, we follow in the footsteps of King Ludwig I and explore important art collections along the way. Starting at the main station, our tour takes us via Königsplatz to the large Pinakothek museums and back again via the Old Botanical Garden. Discover the magnificent exhibitions in Munich's Pinakothek museums by train now!
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Nuremberg: The bigger the choice ...

Nuremberg is a charming city rich in history and culture. However, visitors are faced with the great challenge of having to choose between the numerous cultural offerings, because the city has museums for every theme. For one thing, there is the Nuremberg Toy Museum. Here, you can embark on a journey through centuries of play culture together with your children. Discover the colourful worlds of Lego, Barbie, Playmobil and Matchbox in the magnificent Renaissance building or admire the precious treasures made of wood, tin and fabric that filled the toy boxes of older generations. The museum also invites you to play: In summer, let off steam with your youngest in the museum playground or enjoy a break in the idyllic courtyard.
The Lochgefängnis, on the other hand, is a special highlight for anyone interested in history. In the oldest part of the town hall, cells, torture chamber and prison kitchen give you an idea of how prisoners fared in the Middle Ages.
The Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds encourages all generations to actively engage with the crimes of the Nazi regime. It offers an insight into the history of National Socialism and the crimes committed during this period.
Another museum highlight in Nuremberg is the Albrecht D√ľrer House. The half-timbered house where the famous artist and graphic artist Albrecht D√ľrer lived and worked in the 16th century is now a museum dedicated to his life and work. Visitors can view original prints and drawings by D√ľrer and learn about the techniques he used to produce his masterpieces.
A must for all railway fans is undoubtedly the DB Museum. Run by Deutsche Bahn, the museum offers an insight into the history of rail transport in Germany with numerous exhibits. Original steam locomotives, diesel trains and electric trains that were in use in the past will delight railway fans of all ages. During their visit, they can learn about the technology behind the trains or discover model trains and interactive exhibits.

Außenansicht des Verkehrsmuseums

Deutsche Bahn Museum in Nuremberg: Over 150 years of railway history

Old vehicles, modern technology and exciting facts ‚Äď the Deutsche Bahn Museum in Nuremberg is ready and waiting to reveal over 150 years of railway history.
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Ingolstadt: At the behest of Ludwig II.

How about a visit to the heart of Bavaria on the banks of the Danube? The university town of Ingolstadt enchants guests with its historic old town and the Liebfrauenm√ľnster. In addition, the New Palace, built in the 15th century, has housed the Bavarian Army Museum since 1972, an important collection of uniforms, weapons, flags and other artefacts showing the history of the Bavarian troops. The museum was originally founded in 1879 by Ludwig II to unite the collections scattered throughout Bavaria. Since 1972, the collection has resided in Ingolstadt. The focus of the exhibition is the critical and historically accurate reflection of military and martial violence in history and its effects on people, society and the state. The museum also regularly offers visitors significant special exhibitions outside military history.

Kanonen im Bayerischen Armessmuseum

Army Museum at the New Castle in Ingolstadt

The castle, sometimes called "Die Neue Veste", already merits a visit just for its sheer size and majestic rooms.
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Augsburg: Of puppeteers and social buildings

Augsburg is the oldest city in Bavaria and offers a multitude of sights and museums to discover. Not only if you are interested in culture and history, you should definitely plan a visit to the Fuggerei during your trip to Augsburg. The Fuggereimuseum is a unique experience because it is integrated directly into the historic residential complex. Built in 1521 by the Fugger family, the Fuggerei is now the oldest social housing complex in the world that has been continuously inhabited since its construction. Visitors can take a guided tour to see an 18th-century-style show flat and learn about the history of social housing. 
Another highlight that will delight young and old alike is a visit to the Augsburger Puppenkiste. With its artistry and charm, it has delighted generations of viewers. In the adjoining puppet theatre museum, called "Die Kiste", you can explore the history and technology of puppetry and experience the most famous characters from the Augsburg Puppet Box, such as Jim Knopf and Lukas the Locomotive Driver or Urmel aus dem Eis, up close. Workshops and events complement the programme around this fascinating form of puppetry.

Figuren der Augsburger Puppenkiste vor Spielzeuglokomotive

A visit to the Augsburg Puppet Box and its stars

In Augsburg's Spitalgasse 15, you can admire the all-familiar puppets such as Jim Knopf or Urmel aus dem Eis in the original and the special charm of the puppeteers' art in magically designed settings.
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Bavaria is home to numerous museums dealing with art, history, technology or the natural sciences. From art museums with masterpieces by famous artists to historical museums that bring Bavaria's past to life, there is much to discover here. The easiest way to experience the diversity of Bavaria's museums is together with friends or family on a day trip by train.