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Travel by rail to see the old haunts of the Blue Rider expressionist art group


Yellow cows, vibrant landscapes and, over and over again, blue horses – the artists of the "Blue Rider" group loved expressive and colourful art. Are you a fan of it as well? Then follow the trail of the Blue Rider group by rail through Upper Bavaria and visit the workshops of the famous artists Marc, Kandinsky, etc.

The "Schlossmuseum" in Murnau

The castle museum's large collection of paintings shows the lasting impression that Murnau and its surroundings made on internationally famous artists like Wassily Kandinsky and Max Beckmann.
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The Lenbachhaus, Munich's international art centre

Scores of different art movements under a single roof. The Lenbachhaus gallery has the world's largest collection of Blue Rider paintings, in addition to early Modernist masterpieces and contemporary art.
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"Fantasy" museum in Bernried: Buchheim Museum der Phantasie

All his life, author, film-maker and painter Lothar-GĂĽnther Buchheim collected paintings and artefacts. Now, visitors can see his collection at the museum (4,000 m2) by Lake Starnberg.
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The Franz Marc Museum in Kochel

The town of Kochel built a museum in honour of the famous Expressionist painter Franz Marc. With an exhibition area covering 700 m2, it contains many of Marc's own creations and other important artworks from the 20th century.
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Schlossmuseum Murnau
Nearest station: Murnau SchloĂźhof 2
82418 Murnau am Staffelsee
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