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Autumn in Bavaria: 5 tips for excursions by train

Autumn in Bavaria attracts not only with its colorful play of colors, but also with the last warm rays of sunshine. So off you go outside! We have put together five destinations in Bavaria that are perfect for the golden season. And even on rainy autumn days, you can go exploring by train. Let our excursion ideas inspire you!


When the leaves of the trees begin to turn colorful and the days become shorter, nature shows its golden side. During a walk in the park or forest, the romantic idyll of autumn has a particularly intense effect. Rustle your feet through the colorful leaves and let the last rays of sunshine of the year shine in your face.  

But even in changeable weather there is a lot to discover in Bavaria in autumn. How about a trip to the museum, for example? It doesn't always have to be the big museums in Munich. There are countless small museums all over Bavaria that can be reached easily and conveniently by train. Let our five tips for an autumnal excursion by train inspire you.

Excursion to the Game and Wine Weeks in Main-Spessart

An autumn hike in Main-Spessart lets you experience the most colorful time of the year with all your senses. Starting at the Retzbach-Zellingen train station, this 16-kilometer ramble takes you over the ridges above the Retztal valley and through the region's vineyards. Starting in September, the Game and Wine Weeks in the Spessart-Mainland invite you to enjoy the culinary delights of autumn in Bavaria.

Weinberge Th├╝ngersheim, Foto: Jil Abfalter

On the ZweiUferPanoramaweg from Retzbach to Th├╝ngersheim

Starting from the pilgrimage site of Retzbach, you hike along the ridges above the Retztal valley via Retzstadt to Th├╝ngersheim. Be prepared for a good 380 metres in altitude. The climb is worth it. Your view sweeps far and wide into the countryside to W├╝rzburg, the Steigerwald, Spessart and the Rh├Ân. The important pilgrimage church "Maria im gr├╝nen Tal" (Mary in the Green Valley) invites you to a moment of reflection and fascinates hikers interested in culture. And of course you will roam through the vineyards.

On your hike, orientate yourself by the markings with the blue pentagon, the blackbird and the mouse. For a rest, there are shell limestone benches, wavy benches or shelters along the way.
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Bavaria in autumn: trip to Coburg

Coburg in Upper Franconia shows its golden side especially in autumn. In addition to the charming old town, which is worth a visit at any time of year, Coburg's courtyard garden glows in the most vibrant colors in autumn. Roam through the city park and enjoy the smell of autumn leaves on your way up to the Veste Coburg. 170 meters above the city, you have a magnificent view of the city and the countryside from the medieval castle complex.


Royal time-out in Coburg, Upper Franconia

A royal lifestyle in the heart of northern Bavaria: Coburg in Upper Franconia is the right place for anyone who enjoys picturesque buildings in a medieval setting and wants to feel like a damsel or lord of the castle for a day. Discover it now by train!
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Autumn time in Bavaria is museum time: The Pinakothek museums in Munich.

A foray into the legacy of King Ludwig I awaits you on a trip to Munich's Pinakotheken. The art galleries of the Bavarian capital attract visitors with an extensive collection of paintings from the Middle Ages to contemporary art. Other disciplines of contemporary art, such as graphics, architecture and design, are also presented here. On gray autumn days, Munich's museums invite you to linger and offer programs for more than just a day trip by train. Did you know that on Sundays admission costs only 1 euro?

M├╝nchen Tourismus, Christian Kasper

Pinakotheken in Munich: Discover art

On a walk through the Kunstareal Munich, we follow in the footsteps of King Ludwig I and explore important art collections along the way. Starting at the main station, our tour takes us via K├Ânigsplatz to the large Pinakothek museums and back again via the Old Botanical Garden. Discover the magnificent exhibitions in Munich's Pinakothek museums by train now!
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Bavaria in autumn: Hiking at the Dillberg

Experience the play of colors of autumn in Bavaria on a hike at the Dillberg in the Nuremberg region. Starting at the train station in P├Âlling, a district of Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate, the hike takes you across wide fields and through dense coniferous forests to the highest point. From here, you have a breathtaking view over Middle Franconia when the sun shines on the mist-flooded depths. Especially in autumn, a particularly large number of red glowing toadstools sprouting from the ground here give the area a fairytale forest character.


Dillberg: Hiking with excellent views

Idea for a day trip with a change of air: the Dillberg. Enjoy the view of the Nuremberg region on the border between Upper Palatinate and Franconia!
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Lindau in autumn: gourmet festival and funfair

Get on the train and make your way to the "island where linden trees grow". After all, that is the meaning behind the name "Lindau". The city, whose historical center is located on an island surrounded by Lake Constance, invites you to be discovered even in autumn. Wander through the winding streets, past medieval buildings and enjoy the view of the Alpine chain from the promenade. The highlight of the season is the "Genussherbst am Bodensee". For three weeks, a gourmet festival for palate and soul takes place in and around Lindau, where you can look over the shoulders of vintners, farmers and fishermen. The Lindau fair also traditionally takes place in autumn. It starts on the Friday after All Saints' Day: For four days Lindau offers entertainment and enjoyment with showmen, snack and confectionery stands.


Lindau: the Bavarian riviera on the Swabian sea

The island town of Lindau owes its reputation as Bavaria's riviera to its blend of Art Nouveau buildings and Italian ambiance. Surrounded by Lake Constance, or the "Swabian sea" as it is sometimes called, it effortlessly conjures up a holiday atmosphere.
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The magnificent play of colors in nature and culinary delights on the plates characterize autumn like no other season. Before we start the contemplative time of the year again, enjoy the golden autumn with its warming sunbeams, the colorful foliage and the mild temperatures on an excursion by train.