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“Sensational food!”: at the Alter Simpl in Erlangen

“Sensational food!”: at the Alter Simpl in Erlangen

The Alter Simpl restaurant in Erlangen is right near the station and has a menu that boasts everything that Franconian cuisine has to offer, including Blaue Zipfel (Bratwurst cooked in vinegar) and Schäuferle (oven-roasted pork shoulder) and more.

The Alter Simpl restaurant, which is located less than ten minutes east of the station has a menu that boasts everything that Franconian cuisine has to offer – Blaue Zipfel (Bratwurst cooked in vinegar), Schäuferle (oven-roasted pork shoulder), Stadtwurst mit Musik (regional Stadtwurst sausages with accompaniments), Griebenschmalzbrot (bread with lard) and much more, at affordable prices. The inn building itself is also a highlight. Regardless of which room you choose (Skihütte, Trinkstube, Ofenstube, Puppenstube, Bembelstube), every area is a delight!

News, the menu and the opening hours are available here.

Alter Simpl
Bohlenplatz 2
91054 Erlangen
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