The Altherrenweg - an exciting and relaxing tour at the same time

The Altherrenweg - an exciting and relaxing tour at the same time

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The "Altherrenweg" through the Ammergau Alps is by no means just for sprightly senior citizens. It offers leisurely hikes for connoisseurs of all ages.

The Altherrenweg in Oberammergau - a hiking experience for young and old

Nobody in the municipality of Oberammergau knows why the Altherrenweg is called that. But it is certainly not just something for elderly hikers, but a relaxed and discovery-packed tour for everyone.

You will meet dwarves here

We start at Oberammergau railway station to the so-called WellenBerg adventure pool. A gravel path leads through a meadow landscape. Along the way there are wooden sculptures such as Ulf, the giant dwarf. The figures are part of a permanent open-air exhibition by the Oberammergau wood sculpting school. There are wooden benches and a lounger on a meadow at the edge of the path where you can soak up the meditative tranquillity.

Rustic mountain hut stop with far-reaching views

After about an hour on the Altherrenweg trail, you reach the "Romansh├Âhe" mountain inn. Heinz and Hildegard Baumgartl have been feeding hungry hikers here since 1977. Over a hearty snack, you can enjoy the view of Oberammergau, the Laber and the Notkarspitze.

Discover rare species in the Pulvermoos

The route then continues towards Unterammergau. If you get back on the railway here, the tour is shortened to a walking time of just under two and a half hours. However, it is worth completing the circular route along the Ammer and walking back to Oberammergau. On the way, you will pass through the "Pulvermoos" nature reserve, one of the largest fens in Bavaria and home to a variety of plants that are protected species. In summer, the cotton grass and the lousewort "Karlszepter" can be found here. Although these rare species cannot be seen in winter, the Altherren circular trail from Oberammerrgau is also ideal for a hike in the cold season.

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From Munich, take the train in the direction of Garmisch to Murnau and from there continue to Oberammergau. Once you arrive at Oberammergau train station, the tour begins: you walk about 400 metres east along Bahnhofstra├če. This turns into Dorfstra├če and finally becomes Sankt-Lukas-Stra├če. The path leads through the picturesque centre of Oberammergau and along the small river "Gro├če Laine" before turning left into Kaspar-Schisler-Gasse. After 40 metres, you turn into "In der Breitenau" street and after another 300 metres, the "Himmelreich" street branches off from it - after just under 30 minutes, you reach the "WellenBerg" adventure pool. Keep left directly behind the water park to reach the Altherrenweg. This is where the circular trail begins, leading gently uphill and downhill across beautiful meadows: The views of the Ammergau Alps can be enjoyed throughout the entire hike. The Altherrenweg trail runs through the Pulvermoos nature reserve, where the path finally takes a steep left turn that leads back towards Oberammergau and back to the railway station.

Aussicht auf die Ammergauer Alpen
Oberammergau Innenstadt
Aussicht auf das Ammergauer Land
Wollkraut-Pflanze auf dem Altherrenweg
Oberammergau von oben
Oberammergau Innenstadt
WellenBerg Oberammergau
Himmelreich 52
82487 Oberammergau
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