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Balloon rides over Bavaria

Balloon rides over Bavaria

The dream of flying: balloon rides over Bavaria. No other way of getting a view of Bavaria's most beautiful places is as pleasant as this.

Did someone say flying? Although you can’t technically call a hot air balloon ride “flying”, floating at the highest heights will still make you feel free as a bird. No other way of getting a view of Bavaria's most beautiful places is as pleasant as this. Balloon rides operated by Flugzentrum Bayerwald flight centre start at the heart of Regensburg at Dultplatz square – assuming the weather is good. This is only a short walk through the town centre from the station. Rides from Straubing, Schwandorf and many other places are also offered.

News, prices and the different rides are available here.

Balloon ride
Dultplatz 3
93059 Regensburg
Next station
Regensburg Hbf (main station)

Our tip: Please make sure to check your train connection and the expected capacity before you start your journey.

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