Lake Starnberg - An excursion by train and boat

Lake Starnberg - An excursion by train and boat

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Take the train to Lake Starnberg and enjoy small delicacies and the gentle rocking on a lake cruise against an impressive Alpine backdrop. The boat tour on your Lake Starnberg excursion takes you past the chic villas on the shore, the Sisi Castle in Possenhofen, the Rose Island, the architecturally impressive Buchheim Museum and much more.

Discover the charm of Lake Starnberg on your excursion and its namesake district town. The lake, which was known as W√ľrmsee until 1962, was formed around 18,000 to 20,000 years ago by the melting of the Isar-Loisach glacier. The run-off meltwater formed the W√ľrm valley and the northernmost part of the lake basin was transformed into today's Leutstettener Moos.

With its excellent water quality and as the most water-rich lake in Bavaria, Lake Starnberg is a true natural beauty. It sits majestically against the impressive Alpine backdrop, which you should experience for yourself on your walk along the lake. Even 200 years ago, the lake was a magnet for Munich's aristocracy and industrialists. Today, Lake Starnberg offers a breathtaking backdrop with magnificent villas on the shore, summer residences and charming inns. Although Starnberg's town centre is not considered an architectural gem, it is nevertheless home to a number of delightful houses, charming shops and hospitable restaurants that are well worth discovering.

On your trip to Lake Starnberg, the train will take you to the heart of the town of Starnberg, to the railway station, which is right next to the lake. This is where you will arrive if you are travelling to Lake Starnberg by train. From there you can walk directly to the shore and enjoy the fascinating view or explore the town. A short walk south-west along the station square takes you along the small museum trail to the Starnberger See Museum, where you can gain an insight into the varied history of the lake and its surroundings.

Lake Starnberg Museum - a historic property with a deep history

The museum, which was founded in 1914 on the grounds of a historic estate, consists of various buildings and outdoor areas. The permanent exhibition focuses on the history of shipping on Lake Starnberg, including an original dugout canoe and ceremonial ships of Bavarian dukes and kings. One highlight is the only fully preserved boat from the royal fleet, built for King Ludwig I in 1837. The exhibition also sheds light on the development of the railway line, steam navigation and the villa colonies around the lake.

A boat tour on Lake Starnberg

The highlight of your excursion to Starnberg awaits you with a boat trip on Lake Starnberg. Follow the promenade northwards to the Starnberg landing stage, right next to the railway station. The gentle rocking of the boat takes you past the chic villas on the shore and the Sisi Castle Possenhofen, the former summer residence of the Bavarian royal family and the place where Empress Elisabeth of Austria spent her childhood. Today, Possenhofen Palace serves as a private residence and is therefore not open to the public. Nonetheless, it remains an important piece of Bavarian history that will inspire you as you drive past with its elegant architecture and picturesque lakeside location on your Lake Starnberg excursion.

The votive chapel and the wooden cross: in the footsteps of King Ludwig II.

On the lake tour between the Leonie and Berg landing stages, you will also pass a modest wooden cross in the shallow shore area, below the Votive Chapel. This cross marks the spot where King Ludwig II was found lifeless after a walk on 13 June 1886. The votive chapel itself is located in the forest above this spot and was consecrated in neo-Romanesque style four years after the foundation stone was laid by Prince Regent Luitpold on the 10th anniversary of the king's death in June 1896.

The secret meeting place of Sisi and Ludwig II.

If you opt for the Grand Round Trip or the Northern Round Trip on your lake tour, the boat tour on your Lake Starnberg excursion will also take you past the Rose Island, where Empress Sisi and King Ludwig II met secretly for years to escape courtly constraints. It is the only island in the lake and is home to a historic casino, which King Ludwig II used as a summer residence in the 19th century. The island is known for its beauty, especially during the rose blossom season in the summer months, which gives it its name. However, you can only reach the island by ferry from Feldafing.

Culinary discoveries in Starnberg

After the round trip, return to Starnberg, where sweet temptations await you at the Elly Seidl chocolate factory opposite the railway station in Wittelsbacherstraße 2. Here you can sample a colourful mixture of chocolate, truffles and nougat that will delight anyone with a sweet tooth. If you're feeling peckish, we recommend a visit to the H'ugo's beach club directly on the lakeside promenade, which offers unique moments with its upscale Italian cuisine and views of the lake, the opposite shore and the Alps.

Another culinary highlight for your Lake Starnberg excursion is the restaurant at Seebad Starnberg. On the panoramic terrace, which offers a wonderful view of the lake and the mountains at any time of day, light dishes are served and emphasis is placed on fresh, seasonal ingredients.

A short detour to the north-eastern shore of the lake takes us to the Seestubn Percha. Whether in summer or winter, here you can enjoy a little break by the lake. The cosy restaurant with a view of the lake and mountains, the sunny lakeside terrace and the kiosk offer a feel-good atmosphere.

At the end of your day trip, you return to Starnberg railway station, where you start your journey home by train with many new impressions and perhaps a few chocolates in your luggage. A day trip to Lake Starnberg is always an experience, characterised by the enchanting landscape, the wonderful views of the lake and a variety of leisure activities. Whether you decide to take a refreshing dip in the lake, explore the lake on a round trip or enjoy the culinary delights on a walk along the lakeside promenade - Starnberg offers a variety of ways to organise your day.

Fahrt mit der Zille auf die Roseninsel © gwt Starnberg GmbH, Thomas Marufke
Gedenkkreuz König Ludwig in Berg © gwt Starnberg GmbH, Thomas Marufke
Schifffahrt am Starnberger See © gwt Starnberg GmbH, Thomas Marufke
Schloss Possenhofen © gwt Starnberg GmbH, Thomas Marufke
Starnberger See Panorama © gwt Starnberg GmbH, Thomas Marufke
Votivkapelle Berg in Berg © gwt Starnberg GmbH, Thomas Marufke
Junge Menschen beim Floaten auf See in der Dämmerung
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