Nesselwang: an Allgäu hiking trail for all the family

Nesselwang: an Allgäu hiking trail for all the family

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"Peak happiness" for you and yours. Use the Alpspitzbahn cable car to ascend to 1,575 m, take in the panoramic view of the Allgäu region, and descend via the chain of hikers' huts.

Nesselwang: hiking with children in the Allgäu region

Activity and relaxation for big and small go hand in hand at Alpspitz mountain near Nesselwang in the Ostallgäu district. It's the perfect destination for hikers and daytrippers. The surrounding mountains reach 1,575 m, and the area offers a mix of demanding routes and family-friendly hut-to-hut trails. Everyone is guaranteed a great day out at Nesselwang.

All aboard for a high-altitude adventure

The starting point for your day of hiking fun is Nesselwang station. It is about 1.2 km from the Alpspitzbahn cable car line, you need about 20 minutes to cover the distance. Walk along Bahnhofstrasse, turn left and, at the end of Von-Lingg-Strasse, you reach Hauptstrasse.  Turn right here, and take the first left: An der Riese. Follow An der Riese for 400 m until you come to the fork with Alpspitzweg to your right. The Alpspitzbahn station is just 150 m along Alpspitzweg. The mountain line combines cabins and ski-lift-style seats so, depending on the weather and how you feel, you can complete the ascent either in a comfy cabin or with the wind in your hair. The difference in elevation between valley and peak is over 600 m.

High-altitude enjoyment for young and old

The Alpspitzbahn line takes you up 1,500 m. When you arrive at the top, feast your eyes on the beautiful vista all around you: the mountains and many lakes of the Allgäu landscape. Your next step is to decide which of the many hiking trails you want to take. If you are with children, the route called Symbolweg Gipfelglück is perfect for them and can be completed in about 1.5-2 hours. Covering 4.8 km, the first leg of the hike goes to the peak of Alpspitz mountain and then to Edelsberg mountain next door. Then you start the descent in the direction of Jungholz. If you want a break, first there's Dinserhütte cabin, and then comes Fichtelhütte hut. The route along the ridge leads back to the Alpspitzbahn cable car. Each section of this path is signposted. May-October is the best time for trekking in the Nesselwang area. The town's route planner has other suggestions for holidaymakers. 

 Emperor's pancakes and cheese sparrows

 The middle stop on the cable car line is located beside the charming Enzianstüble restaurant, which serves up delicious treats at fantastic prices. There are sweet dishes like warm apple strudel with cream and pancake fritters (Kaiserschmarrn), as well as savoury dishes like sausage salad and a local speciality – cheese-covered Allgäu noodles ("sparrows"). Everything tastes fantastic, particularly after a long hike.

 We can also recommend the Sportheim Böck restaurant near the station at the summit of the mountain. From the sundeck, you have a spectacular view of the surrounding Allgäu and Tyrolean Alps. Don't forget to pack binoculars or a small telescope so you can get an even better look at the sights around you.

 High peaks and high speeds for an adrenaline high 

 There's a sure-fire way to get your children excited about Nesselwang's hiking trails: tell them about the two super activities on Alpspitz mountain. They can either thunder all the way downhill on the region's longest Alpine slide or get their thrills on Germany's longest zip line, AlpspitzKICK. The second exhilarating option starts at the cable car's mountaintop station and the route has two sections with a total length of 1.2 km. Daredevils can reach speeds of up to 120 km/h during their descent. Please note: to use the zip line, you have to be at least 1.5 m in height.


(c) Julian Ebentheur - Alpspitzbahn Gondel
(c) Wolfgang Pfisterer - AlpspitzCOASTER
Alpspitzbahn Nesselwang - AlpspitzKICK
(c) Wolfgang Pfisterer - Enzianstube
(c) Wolfgang Pfisterer - Streichelzoo Alpspitzbahn
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Alpspitzbahn Nesselwang
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