Experience the Elisabethmarkt market in Schwabing

Experience the Elisabethmarkt market in Schwabing

Residents of the Schwabing area of Munich shop at the Elisabethmarkt market, where you can also meet long-time residents from the Maxvorstadt district.

Yes, the Viktualienmarket food market is always worth a visit, but the outer neighbourhoods in Munich are also pulsing with life. At the Elisabethmarkt market, residents of the Schwabing district go shopping and you can also run into long-time residents of the Maxvorstadt area. Munich is still quaint here. The proffered wares are very much like those at the Viktualienmarkt food market ‚Äď everything is even slightly cheaper. A foodie secret: buy some fresh pasta from the Casa Sarda to eat in or to take home.

Elisabethmarkt market
80796 Munich
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