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Problem-solving thrills at Escape Game in Augsburg

Completing tough missions against the clock

A dark wood at the edge of town. An abandoned orphanage. There's a curse on the place. A manager who did away with innocent children in an attempt to become immortal. Just an escape challenge? Just fiction? When you sign up for one of the six adventures on offer at Escape Game in Augsburg, you'll get completely sucked in by the creativity of the interactive group game. The challenges and twists you face seems so real, so unsettling, so difficult and so gripping that it's easy to forget the normal world that awaits you outside. You play against the clock: there's only one hour to solve all the clues and find the key to the game.

Up to six people can take part, and the players get locked into a specially designed room. The first rule is to keep a cool head at all times. This is the only way that the team can find the clues and objects within an hour and put them together in the right way to regain their freedom once more.

Players in Augsburg can choose between six different rooms. One pits the team against an international baddie, another has ghosts to frighten even the coolest sleuths, while a third room forces the players to fight for their lives amid the chaos and anarchy of a society in the throes of collapse. There is a different puzzle behind every door, and the games vary in terms of toughness and terror factor. If you want a team-building event or to spend time with family or friends, you're all guaranteed a tailor-made adventure that delivers excitement and thrills galore.

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You'll work up quite a hunger completing all the tasks and getting your hands on the key to freedom. The best place to go when you're outside again is the restaurant Färberei at Färbergässchen 5. The sophisticated dishes on the menu share a special characteristic: they only use products made by the restaurant itself or grown in the surrounding region. Färberei is virtually around the corner from Barthshof: just go to Königsplatz, walk along Annastrasse for 44 m and then turn right at Färbergässchen.

Getting here:

Escape Game is just 10 minutes by foot from Augsburg's main station. Leave the station via the eastern exit, cross Viktoriastrasse at the lights and walk down Bahnhofstrasse, which heads east from the station building. Stay on Bahnhofstrasse for 500 m, then cross Königsplatz. The entrance to Wallstrasse is some 44 m to your right. Go down Wallstrasse for just 20 m: you need to go left at the first street, Barthshof. No. 5 is located on the left, about 60 m along the street.


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