Experience Kitzingen's sights on an excursion between the Main and wine

Experience Kitzingen's sights on an excursion between the Main and wine

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Let yourself be inspired by the flair of the old town and its sights on a walk through Kitzingen: numerous half-timbered houses and towers characterise the centre of the historic wine trading town on the Main and invite you to stroll and linger. Visit the jewel on the Main on an excursion by train for exciting things to do.

Kitzingen is one of the oldest towns in Lower Franconia and was first mentioned in documents as early as 745. The large district town is only about 15 kilometres south-east of W├╝rzburg on the banks of the Main and in the middle of the Franconian wine-growing region. Kitzingen is predestined for a day trip and is ideally accessible by train. In addition to Kitzingen's sights, such as the Renaissance town hall, the "Old Main Bridge" and the famous Chapel of the Cross by the Franconian Baroque architect Balthasar Neumann, Kitzingen's townscape is characterised by numerous towers and half-timbered houses.

The leaning tower of Kitzingen

The starting point of our walk through Kitzingen is the railway station, which is only about 500 metres from the town centre. After a 7-minute walk along Friedrich-Ebert-Stra├če, you will reach Kitzingen's first sight - the Falterturm. Built in 1496 as a watchtower for the outer city wall of Kitzingen, the most striking feature is its crooked spire, the origin of which is the subject of a number of legends. Today, the tower is the town's landmark and, with its deviation from the norm, a popular photo motif.

Shrovetide in Franconia

Continuing on in Kitzigen, head north along Falterstra├če into Luitpoldstra├če. Just before K├Ânigsplatz you will find the German Carnival Museum, which is certainly not only of interest to die-hard carnival fans. If you have ever wondered why fools shout "Helau!" or "Alaaf!" or what 11.11. and 11:11 am are all about, a visit to the Fastnachtmuseum can be extremely enlightening. In addition to an impressive multi-media show, numerous traditional costumes from all over Germany provide an insight into the hustle and bustle of carnival.

The wood-panelled council chamber

On the way to Kitzingen's next sight, the tour continues via K├Ânigsplatz, in the centre of which is enthroned an obelisk made of red sandstone, erected in honour of Ludwig II. From here you can walk about 150 metres along Kaiserstra├če directly to the town hall of the large district town. Built in 1563 by Hans Eckart von Schaffhausen in Renaissance style, Kitzingen's town hall is one of the most important architectural monuments from this era in Lower Franconia. Inside, the historic meeting hall with its wall panelling is particularly noteworthy. The municipal magistrate used to meet in it. However, the meeting hall is only accessible in the context of a wedding ceremony or during a court council reception.

If you are feeling peckish after the first stage of your sightseeing tour of Kitzing, you will find the Bayerischer Hof a little way south along Marktstra├če. In the hotel's restaurant, classics of Franconian cuisine are on the menu, as are Franconian wines, Bavarian beers and seasonal specialities.

Craftsmanship in half-timbering

The 39-metre-high market tower sits enthroned right next to the town hall. The former guard and prison tower is a remnant of the former inner city wall. Today it houses the central archives of the German carnival. During Advent, Kitzingen's market tower is transformed into Bavaria's largest Advent candle. The illumination of the tower creates the illusion of an oversized candle in the middle of Kitzingen. Together with the festively illuminated tower, food stalls and mulled wine stands create the right Christmas atmosphere.

For the gourmets among you, there is another activity worth doing in Kitzingen - namely a short detour to the Poganietz House, a Renaissance half-timbered house dating from 1556, right next to the market tower. In 1722, a gingerbread bakery set up shop here, followed by a confectionery in 1833. Both crafts left behind a large stock of old stencils and moulds for making picture biscuits as well as extensive records of the craftsmanship. These relics formed the basis for the confectionery museum opened at that time in 1996. And what would a confectionery museum be without an adjoining caf├ę? In the Viennese-style caf├ę, you can feast to your heart's content or take a little time out with a cup of coffee.

A glass of wine on the city balcony

In Kitzingen, you can continue your activities and walk eastwards along Marktstra├če. After about 150 metres you will reach the Old Main Bridge. First mentioned in a document in 1300, the Kitzingen Main Bridge is one of six medieval Main bridges in Lower Franconia. From the bridge, which is closed to motorised traffic, you have a picturesque view of the town. Right next door, in the northern part of the former garden show grounds, you will find the Kitzingen town balcony on the banks of the Main. Here, in addition to the wonderful view, you can also enjoy a glass of Franconian wine at the so-called Stadtschoppen from May to October.

Wine generally plays a major role in the Franconian town. In 1482, the oldest German wine law was passed here. At that time, Kitzingen rose to become a wine trading town and thus gained influence and wealth. Wine festivals are also held regularly in the town, where you can sample regional culinary specialities and, of course, also taste wine.

Remarkable village church

Kitzingen's next gem is located at the eastern end of the Old Main Bridge. The Chapel of the Holy Cross was built according to plans by the Baroque master builder Balthasar Neumann and was consecrated in 1745. The baroque fa├žade contrasts with the simple interior, which has no paintings or stucco and was merely painted white, as the builder had intended.

Picnic on the banks of the Main

Before crossing the Main Bridge back into the city centre, it is worth taking a stroll through the former garden show grounds south of the chapel on the east bank of the Main. With its secluded corners and lush perennial fields, the area invites you to linger. The banks of the Main in Kitzingen are also the ideal place for a picnic. You can pre-order a picnic basket at short notice from participating restaurants in the town. The basket is filled with products from the restaurant's own production, regional and typical of the restaurant. For a small deposit, you can also borrow glasses, plates, cutlery or a picnic blanket.

Your day trip to Kitzingen is gradually drawing to a close. Cross the Old Main Bridge to return to the old town of Kitzingen. Heading south directly along Unterer Mainkai, you will pass the Old Synagogue, a reminder of the town's once important Jewish community, before returning to your starting point at the railway station via Hindenburgring and Friedrich-Ebert-Stra├če. Full of impressions in your luggage, you can start your return journey in complete relaxation.

Extra tip for children

The Tourist Info Kitzingen has a special offer for families with children - a quiz for children. Along the route we have just presented for a trip to Kitzingen to see all the sights, little sleuths can go on a journey of discovery of Kitzingen's sights together with their parents. The quiz is already available for the youngest in the form of a picture search.

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