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The "Felsenbad" lido in Pottenstein

The "Felsenbad" lido in Pottenstein

Possibly the most picturesque lido in Bavaria.

For decades, the Felsenbad lido in Pottenstein has been attracting visitors to Franconian Switzerland from all around the world. And no wonder. The crystal-clear water, the plants and shrubs, the Jugendstil building from the 1920s, the beer garden and the rocky background lend this place a very special ambience. If you're in the area for a bit longer, you could also have a slide down the nearby summer toboggan run or visit the "Teufelshöhle" (Devil's Cave).

Felsenbad lido in Pottenstein
Pegnitzer StraĂźe 35
91278 Pottenstein
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