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The Franconian Mountain Path

The Franconian Mountain Path

Simply magnificent! The Franconian Mountain Path, with a total length of almost 430 km, stretches from the Franconian Forest to the Pegnitztal valley.

The Franconian Mountain Path, with a total length of around 430 km, stretches from the Franconian Forest to the Pegnitztal valley in the N√ľrnberger Land district. When travelling along it, you will sometimes feel like you are on an enchanted path, as you encounter bizarre cliffs, such as the Walberla, castles shrouded in legend, ruins of castles and ancient forests. Highlights of the sights include the festival theatre and hermitage of Bayreuth. By the way: the Franconian Mountain Path is considered a ‚Äúpremium trail‚ÄĚ by Wanderbares Deutschland, a site dedicated to hiking. Arrive by train to Bayreuth, take the bus towards Bischofsgr√ľn, and then it‚Äôs off on the Franconian Mountain Path.

Franconian Mountain Path
Hauptstraße 13
95493 Bischofsgr√ľn
Next station
Bayreuth Hbf (main station)

Our tip: Please make sure to check your train connection and the expected capacity before you start your journey.

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