Exercise trail in Fürstenfeldbruck

Exercise trail in Fürstenfeldbruck

In Fürstenfeldbruck the trees also provide cool shade during exercise: the forest exercise trail at Münchner Berg hill is ideal for walkers and runners.

In Fürstenfeldbruck the trees also provide cool shade during exercise: the forest exercise trail at Münchner Berg hill is especially ideal for walkers and runners. Stretching, bending and strength exercises bring variation to your running route. Plus, you can read top tips for healthy training from the displays. The trail starts within walking distance of the station. After the station underpass, follow the B2 or the parallel pedestrian path in the direction of the city for about five minutes, and then you can get started.

Exercise trail, Münchner Berg hill
Ludwigshöhe 6
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck
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