Heuhotel Fischbeck hay hotel in the Pegnitztal valley

Heuhotel Fischbeck hay hotel in the Pegnitztal valley

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Hit the hay for the night – just like Heidi. There are cows in the field and an adorable donkey who’ll accompany you on walks here.

Happy cows in the field and an adorable donkey who’ll happily accompany you on walks. The Heuhotel Fischbeck hay hotel in Pegnitztal valley is a farm fantasy come to life. The beautiful half-timbered house can be reached in five to ten minutes on foot from Vorra station. Guests stay in a former cowshed.

Heuhotel Fischbeck hay hotel (Vorra)
Hauptstraße 27
91247 Vorra
Next station
Vorra (Pegnitz)

Our tip: Please make sure to check your train connection and the expected capacity before you start your journey.

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