Holzen Monastery: Culinary delights in Allmannshofen

Holzen Monastery: Culinary delights in Allmannshofen

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Experience fresh and regional products in a historic setting. The "Kloster Holzen" in Allmannshofen makes breakfast a special treat.

Fresh breakfast: a flavourful experience at Holzen Monastery

At Holzen Monastery, breakfast is a real treat: with honey from our own beehives, fruit from the monastery gardens, home-baked cakes and traditional Bavarian veal sausages. Sustainability and regionality are very important here. All products come directly from the surrounding fields and gardens, which ensures a particularly fresh and authentic flavour experience.

Relaxation and culture at Holzen Monastery

After a hearty breakfast, the picturesque gardens of the monastery invite you to take a digestive stroll. Enjoy the peace and beauty of nature or visit the impressive baroque monastery church, which is known not only for its architecture but also for its historical significance.

Arrival and shuttle service to Holzen Monastery

From Monday to Friday, the monastery offers a free shuttle service from Nordendorf railway station to the monastery. Please book this service at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that a seat is reserved for you.

Current information and opening hours of the Holzen Monastery in Allmannshofen can be found on the official website here.

Holzen Monastery
KlosterstraĂźe 1
86695 Allmannshofen
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