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A minibreak at the KissSalis spa

This spa resort offers visitors an all-inclusive pampering programme: a soothing soak in the warm waters from the thermal Schönborn spring, a fantastic sauna and a range of massage options.

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An amazing fact: the water in the KissSalis spa contains twelve times the minimum mineral content laid out in the German law for licensing mineral springs to offer water-based therapies for physical ailments. The spa's very name reinforces this focus on health, as it is based on an old Latin phrase: "In aquis Kissingen salus", or "There is health in the waters of Kissingen".

Visitors can choose between a number of different baths within the building as well as outdoors. Inside, there is the spa's large pool, a whirlpool, a hot bath, a saltwater bath with 6% salinity, a walking hydrotherapy bath – and a paddling pool for children. The water is always at a pleasant temperature of 32-38 degrees, except in the cooling pool, where the temperature is a bracing 18 degrees.

But that's not all that the spa has to offer. It is divided into four different sections, and the thermal baths only make up one of these. For a small supplement, visitors have access to the fitness arena on the top floor. Jogging on a treadmill, they can look out through the facade which offers a fantastic, wide-angle view of the pools below.

Anyone who wants to work up a sweat without having to move can head for the sauna section. The indoor area contains no less than five sauna rooms, ranging from the comparatively mild fragrant steam bath (45 degrees) to the full-on birch sauna (90 degrees). However, if these options aren't enough, there are even more saunas in the outdoor area, which has five more steam baths to choose from, including the 90-degree pit sauna. It uses chunky logs for heating, giving it an atmosphere reminiscent of camping around an open fire.

The most important action at any sauna is when water is poured over hot stones to generate steam. In KissSalis, this happens at different times, adding to the variety for visitors. Would you like the scent of menthol to fill the air? How about berries and fruit? The spa adds different fragrances to the steam water every day.

When you've finished with an intensive sauna session, you can go to the relaxation zone. If you need a bit of a pick-me-up beforehand, head for the sauna bar, which serves a range of drinks and snacks to the spa's guests.

The fourth area is the wellness pavilion. Here, visitors have a choice of massage, beauty and wellness treatments that they can book for a fee. How about an scented oil massage, designed to make you feel great, from an expert? Maybe you'd prefer to take care of your skin by yourself. The peat room gives you the perfect opportunity. Here, you apply the heated earth mix to your skin at your own pace, then you lie on the stone bank under an infra-red light and let the mega-mudpack work its magic. Gentle music helps enhance the feeling of total relaxation: all you have to do is enjoy. An overview of the range of options and prices, plus an online calendar for booking appointments, are available here.

If you have children, they can enjoy themselves in the kids' section while you get down to the serious business of relaxing. The crew takes care of children up to the age of 12, giving parents the time they need to soak in a pool or go for a massage. One more thing: this kids' section is free of charge for the spa's visitors.

After an enjoyable tour of the options available at the spa, there's one more treat you can give yourself – something tasty to eat before you head home. The Regentenbau building is just 19 minutes' walk from the spa, on the other side of the park. This neo-Baroque ensemble is one of the town's landmarks, containing not only a concert hall but the Kurgarten Café as well. Aristocrats were once the diners at the festively decorated hall with white columns and splendid chandeliers, but now you can sit where they did. During fine weather, the doors to the terrace are open, giving you a fantastic view of the park.

News, prices and opening hours are all available here.

Getting here: It is 1.4 km from Bad Kissingen's station to the spa – about 18 minutes by foot. Leaving the station building through the main exit towards Bahnhofstraße, cross the Bahnhofstrasse and the Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse and make a left turn onto Kurhausstraße. At the next opportunity, make a right turn into Luitpoldpark. The path will lead you past the tennis courts to your right. Simply follow the path, keeping the trees on the edge of the park on your left. Cross the river Fränkische Saale when you get to the small bridge. You are now walking towards Bismarckstraße. Cross it, keep the trees on your left and the MEDIAN Frankenpark Clinic's buildings on your right for another 300 meters until you reach the end of the park. Make a left turn. There is a bridge over a large road (Westring). The spa is on the other side of this bridge.

Getting there

KissSalis thermal bath in Bad Kissingen
Heiligenfelder Allee 16
97688 Bad Kissingen
Nearest train station Bad Kissingen

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