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Aim for the sky: Treetop adventure in the Spessart

Aim for the sky: Treetop adventure in the Spessart

Treetop adventure park "Kletterwald Spessart" in Heigenbr├╝cken has a thrill and a challenge for everyone, whatever their age. While the little ones play around on the lower parcours, the bravest can take part in a Treejump ÔÇô 20 metres high above the ground!

Heigenbr├╝cken is a picturesque health resort in the Spessart Nature Park, which is situated in the Aschaffenburg district. It's an extremely popular place for those looking for rest and relaxation, families with children and climbing enthusiasts. And it's right next to the treetop adventure park Kletterwald Spessart. The high-ropes park has designed nine different parcours, so that there is something to suit everyone, whatever their age. For example, the children's parcours "Kleiner Wolf" (small wolf) is just one and a half metres above the ground. Even three-year-olds are allowed to put their balancing skills to the test across its twelve elements, if accompanied by an adult. There are also more challenging parcours, of course, some of which reach up to 30 metres above the ground. And if you're someone who likes adrenaline, this Bavarian adventure park has just the thing: the "Treejump". First, you scale to the top of a 20-metre platform ÔÇô with the help of climbing grips. And then you launch yourself off, and hurtle through the air, down towards the forest floor. You'll feel the adrenaline rushing through you, before your safety harness brings you to a gentle stop. Anyone over the age of 12 can have a go. 

Opening hours vary from month to month, and can be found on the company website.

Directions: Kletterwald Spessart is a 17-minute walk from Heigenbr├╝cken station. Starting at the station, walk south-east down "H├╝ttenwiesen" and turn right down "Am Kurpark". Keep following the road until you reach the park.





Hi! It's me, Bruno the dachshund. Deer, mountain goats and wild pigs live next door in Heigenbr├╝cken wildlife park. I spotted them down below me while I was climbing trees. After being up so high, I wanted to meet some other animals, so I went and visited the park when the climb was over. When I was sitting at the restaurant, I was even able to watch the deer swimming in the pond.      



Discover Bavaria with Bruno the dachshund and the DB: 

Meet Bruno the Dachshund

Adventures with Bruno the Dachshund
Time Travel with Bruno the Dachshund
Bruno the Dachshund's Animal Friends

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