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A knight's playground: for the little lords and ladies of the castle

On a day out to the "King's nook" region in the Allgäu, children can play at being medieval knights.

This knight's playground in Pfronten is a sensational experience for children who love the middle ages. What's more, it's a mere five-minute walk from the station. Here they can walk across wooden suspension bridges, storm a castle just like the 14th Century, hide in the moat and scale the castle walls. The playground even has a moving wooden horse, on which brave little knights can attempt to strike a leather pennant with a lance. There are also large display boards that explain how and what children in the middle ages used to play. And with the Falkenstein ruined castle as the backdrop, it becomes the perfect setting for a medieval experience. With an altitude of 1,250 metres, this is where Ludwig II – Bavaria's fairytale king – once planned on building Germany's highest castle, in a robber baron style.

After an exciting morning at the playground, hungry parents and children can pile into Falkenstein brewery and restaurant, complete with beer garden. In the centre of the room, you'll see shiny copper tanks, in which the restaurant brews its range of "Falkenstein" beers. These include light and unfiltered "cellar" beer, beer made from refreshing wheat with a banana aroma, and dark beer with a malt aroma and caramel notes. The menu has a varied selection of local recipes made with regional products. The following dishes are considered to be some of the best in the region: steak from brown cattle, trout from one of the nearby lakes and the pork fillet from an Allgäu pig. You'll have hardly set one foot out of the restaurant, before you find yourself back on the platform. And as you gaze out of the window at the Allgäu scenery on your journey home, you can simply relax and reflect fondly on your day in the life of a medieval knight.

Directions: From Pfronten-Ried station, head south down "Bahnhofstraße", then turn left down "Meilinger Straße", then right down "Drosselweg", then left again down "Margeritenweg". Take the second road on the right ("Tulpenweg") and after approximately 500 metres, turn left again down "Dahlienweg". The knight's playground is at the end of this road. Take the same route back to the brewery and restaurant. Starting out again from the station, head west down "Bahnhofstraße". The restaurant is located on the corner of "Bahnhofstraße" and "Allgäuer Straße".

Hi! It's me, Bruno the dachshund. If there's one thing I've always wanted to see close up for myself, it's a real knight. This dream of mine recently came true at the "jousting playground" in Pfronten-Ried. Every summer and autumn, the members of a knights' club put on real suits of armour and come here to describe how children used to play during the Middle Ages. Walking on stilts was my favourite game – for once, I got to be far bigger than everyone else. If you want to see the knights as well, make sure you check their website first to check when they'll be at their "playground" next.



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