For little damsels and knights: the knights' playground in Pfronten-Ried

For little damsels and knights: the knights' playground in Pfronten-Ried

The life of knights in their sights: on an excursion to the Allgäu Königswinkel, children can play like in the Middle Ages at the knights' playground in Pfronten. Then it's off to the Falkenstein brewery inn, which smells of hops and malt.

The knights' playground in Pfronten is a sensation for young medieval fans: five minutes' walk after arriving at the station, they are already walking across a wooden suspension bridge, storming an Allgäu castle tower as if it were from the 14th century, hiding in the moat or climbing defence walls. There is even a wooden tournament horse that can be moved: High on horseback, brave riders can hit leather pennants with a lance. Large display boards explain to guests what and how children played back then, and the ruins of Falkenstein Castle in the background make the medieval experience perfect: this is where fairytale king Ludwig II once wanted to build Germany's highest robber's castle at around 1,250 metres.

After exciting hours on the playground, the Braugasthof Falkenstein with its beer garden awaits children and their parents who are hungry from their romp. Directly in the rooms of the pub shine copper kettles in which the "Falkenstein beer" served is brewed: light, unfiltered cellar beer, refreshing wheat with a banana scent, dark beer with a malt aroma and a caramel note. The menu features many local recipes made from regional products. These special treats are marked by a "Landzunge-Pfännchen", such as the steak from the local brown cattle, the trout from one of the many lakes around and the pork fillet from the Allgäu country pig. Not a minute after leaving the restaurant, you are standing on the railway track and can let this chivalrous and royal excursion linger as you drive home through the Allgäu countryside.

Directions: From Pfronten-Ried station, follow Bahnhofstraße south, turn left into Meilinger Straße, immediately right into Drosselweg and left into Margeritenweg. Via Tulpenweg, you will reach Dahlienweg after a total of about 500 metres. At the end of this path is the knights' playground. Take the same path back to the brewery inn. At the station, follow Bahnhofstraße to the west. The restaurant is located directly on the corner of Bahnhofstraße/Allgäuer Straße.

Our extra tip for children

The knights' playground in Pfronten-Ried offers the chance to see real knights up close from time to time. In summer and autumn, members of a knights' club slip into real knight's armour every now and then and explain how children used to play in the Middle Ages. Walking on stilts is particularly popular with the youngest visitors. A look at the website will tell you when the knights will be coming to the playground next.

Knight playground Pfronten-Ried
Dahlienweg 5
87459 Pfronten
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