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Production is carried out behind glass at Confiserie Lauenstein chocolatier, meaning visitors get a glimpse into the noble art of confectionery. Between 9:00 and 14:00 you can look through the glass and watch the chocolatiers at work making pralines – and even make some yourself. This is fantastic, especially when you have a child with you that you need to entertain over the holiday period. And finally, you can yield to sweet temptation and buy some goodies for the journey home from their in-house shop. How to get there: once you arrive at Ludwigstadt station, it’s around a ten-minute walk from the Bahnhofstraße to Lauensteiner Straße, which will take you to the chocolatier.

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Getting there

Confiserie Lauenstein chocolatier
Lauensteiner Straße 41
96337 Ludwigsstadt
Nearest train station Ludwigsstadt

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