Rambling in the Maisinger Canyon near Starnberg

Rambling in the Maisinger Canyon near Starnberg

Traces from the ice age: To the south-west of Starnberg lies the Maisinger Canyon, eroded by the last ice age.

To the south-west of Starnberg lies the Maisinger Canyon, eroded by the last ice age. The gentle 14-kilometre trail leads through mixed forests and the Maisinger Canyon, meanders alongside a stream. If you get hungry, you can regain your strength and warm yourself in the guest house Georg Ludwig. From here, the trail continues across fields to Lake Maising, to the town of Pöcking and then alongside Lake Starnberg and back to the station. 

Treppe in den Maisinger See
Bach auf Maisinger Schlucht Wanderweg
Maisinger Schlucht Wanderweg mit aufgereihtem Brennholz
BĂ€ume und Lichtung auf Wanderweg Maisinger Schlucht
Blick auf den Maisinger See im Herbst mit Laub und BĂ€umen
Bachlauf auf Maisinger Schlucht Wanderweg
Nagelfluhfelsen auf Maisinger Schlucht Wanderweg
Maisinger Canyon
Maisinger-Schlucht-Straße 4
82319 Starnberg
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