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Visiting the Fränkisches Freilandmuseum Bad Windsheim (Franconian open-air museum Bad Windsheim) is like going back in time. 700 years of Franconian social history is brought to life here. Regional varieties of fruits, vegetables and grains are grown between mills, barns, breweries and inns. You will feel like time has stood still at this open-air museum when you see a Swabian-Hall pig come grunting around the corner, the museum sheep give a baa-ing concert or a Franconian goose defends its territory. The museum also runs events year-round: an Easter market, technical days, courses (such as basket weaving, furniture painting, dyeing with plants, pearl embroidery), as well as the museum's Christmas celebrations.

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Hi! It's me, Bruno the dachshund. You never believe just how many animals there are here at the open-air museum!Pigs, cows, horses, goats, sheep, ducks... and little dogs, of course. Even better, there are tours that teach kids about my animal friends at the farmyard by letting them join in: milking cows, making butter, meeting the sheep and shepherd, and even paying a visit to the beekeeper and bees. You get to put on special protective clothes so you can get up close and watch the bees at work.         


Discover Bavaria with Bruno the dachshund and the DB: 

Meet Bruno the Dachshund

Adventures with Bruno the Dachshund
Time Travel with Bruno the Dachshund
Bruno the Dachshund's Animal Friends

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Getting there

Fränkisches Freilandmuseum Bad Windsheim (Franconian open-air museum Bad Windsheim)
Eisweiherweg 1
91438 Bad Windsheim
Nearest train station Bad Windsheim

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