The Easter Lakes in Iffeldorf: Caribbean magic in Upper Bavaria

The Easter Lakes in Iffeldorf: Caribbean magic in Upper Bavaria

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A hike in Iffeldorf around the Caribbean-blue Easter Lakes with a dreamlike mountain panorama - for an exotic time-out in the middle of Upper Bavaria. Pure relaxation against a picturesque Alpine backdrop and a year-round nature experience for hikers and families. Travel comfortably and inexpensively for your day trip with the Bayern-Ticket or the Regio-Ticket Werdenfels.

Well equipped for the exotic-looking hiking pleasure around the Iffeldorf Easter Lakes.

Are you ready for Caribbean flair and spectacular mountain views? Then the round tour around the Easter Lakes is the right choice for you. The nature experience begins for you at Iffeldorf railway station, which is easily accessible by Werdenfelsbahn. Cross the car park and turn left onto the street "Am Bahnhof". At the fire station, a small path leads straight to the Iffeldorf kiosk, which is famous for its tasty hot dogs. Of course, there are also other snacks and drinks there that you can stock up on before your lake tour.

A few more tips before you continue hiking in Iffeldorf: The Osterseen-Rundtour is recommended for pleasure hikers and families with children from the age of six and can be done all year round. Plan on about two to three hours of pure walking time for the approximately 12-kilometre route. You should also make sure you have sturdy shoes and enough liquids in your luggage. In the warmer months, the paths are also suitable for prams - isolated passages in the forest are a little bumpy due to the roots. For cooling off, don't forget your swimsuit! And finally, an important note: since 1981, large parts of the Iffeldorfer Osterseen have been under nature conservation. Therefore - take care of the beautiful nature.

For the colder months, a walk around the Easter Lakes on sunny days is a wonderful outing in nature. Get into your warm clothes and enjoy the sun's rays while hiking around Iffeldorf. Ice skating is also popular with both local residents and tourists at the small Easter lakes. If you feel like it, take your skates with you.

In the footsteps of the Ice Age

The Easter Lakes form a group of 24 different-sized bodies of water connected by small channels. This unique geotope was formed about 17,000 years ago when the glaciers of the W├╝rme Ice Age melted into huge blocks of ice. After they had thawed, they left behind deep, funnel-shaped pits that filled with groundwater and are known today as the Easter Lakes - one of the best-preserved ice decay landscapes in Bavaria. By the way: the name has nothing to do with Easter, but goes back to the cardinal point east.

Head off to the first Iffeldorfer Ostersee, the Fischkalter See. If you pass the kiosk on the left, you head straight for it. Numerous reed plants rise out of the crystal-clear water to greet you and offer the perfect first photo motif. From here, the path leads alternately through the forest and along the shores of the Br├Ąuhaussee and Forchensee lakes. Soon you will spot the first mobile homes that have set up camp at the small campsite at Fohnsee. Cross the lake and head north.

Spectacular postcard romance with Zugspitze and onion tower

At the end of the campsite area, a small wooden footbridge leads across a narrow moat. Don't get too distracted by the glistening cobalt-blue water surface of the Fohnsee, or you'll miss the spectacular Alpine panorama to the south. On a clear day, you can admire the Herzogstand and Germany's highest mountain - the Zugspitze - from here. With the village silhouette of Iffeldorf in the foreground and the grey onion tower of the parish church of St. Vitus as an eye-catcher, all you have to do now is press the shutter for the perfect postcard motif.

Dive into Caribbean blue worlds of colour

Now you are just one kilometre away from the Great Ostersee - it's going to be magical! After the short forest stretch, the unique Caribbean blue sea of colours is already sparkling towards you. The intense blue tones of the 118-hectare water surface of the largest lake in the Ostersee group regularly captivate visitors. Bathing fans take note: On hot days, you can treat yourself to a piece of the Caribbean not far from here and take the plunge into the refreshing water. Since the Osterseen lakes are part of the nature reserve, swimming is only allowed in designated areas. By the way: You are now on the Gro├če Ostersee-Runde, which is marked with the number 25 on blue signs while hiking around Iffeldorf.

Animal family highlight along the way

Walk along the eastern shore of the Gro├čer Ostersee. After just under two kilometres, the animal sanctuary Gut Aiderbichl is located above the lake, about 500 metres away. Here you can pay a visit to over 300 rescued animals and generously hand out cuddles in the cat and dog room before returning to hiking trail number 25. Enjoy the varied route through the idyllic mixed forests and the impressive moorland landscape with the shimmering blue lake panorama at your side.

Seasonal specialities and final lap by the lake

Arriving at the J├Ągergasse car park, walk along the Fischersteig path, straight towards the parish church with its grey onion dome. Treat yourself to a hearty meal diagonally opposite in the rustic ambience of the Vitus restaurant. The small but fine menu offers an exquisite selection of seasonal and international dishes such as organic roast pork or Thai curry. Be sure to leave room for a delicious dessert - the homemade delicacies such as the apple strudel or the chocolate tart are said to be worth the "sweet sin".

Final spurt! Well fortified, it's time to start the approximately 30-minute walk back to the station. Walk north along the street "St. Vitus Platz" and turn left onto Osterseen-Stra├če. After 350 metres, continue along Fohnseeweg, from where you can always catch a picturesque farewell view of the Sengsee lake. Watch out: After the small moor pond on the right, turn right onto a narrow forest path. Follow this for 300 metres and turn left at the next junction. Here you will meet the path at Fischkalter See, which will lead you back to the starting point of your lake adventure after an eventful day around the Iffeldorf Easter Lakes: Iffeldorf railway station. On the Werdenfelsbahn, you can relax at the end of your day while the landscape of the foothills of the Alps passes you by.

Luftaufnahme der Osterseen im Herbst
Osterseen mit Bergpanorama
Luftaufnahme der Osterseen im Herbst
Osterseen bei D├Ąmmerung
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Our tip: Please make sure to check your train connection and the expected capacity before you start your journey.

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