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The Porta Praetoria in Regensburg

The Porta Praetoria in Regensburg

The Porta Praetoria is hidden away between bars, the Danube and Regensburg cathedral. It is one of two remaining Roman gates in Germany.

The Porta Praetoria is hidden away between bars, the Danube and Regensburg cathedral. Although it and the Porta Nigra in Trier are the only remaining Roman gates north of the Alps, the city makes very little fuss over it. Which is exactly what makes it so charming. Barely any other historical structure is blended as naturally into the modern city surroundings as this gate. Residents nonchalantly walk past it, party-goers lean against the wall of the archway, tourists take pictures – life goes on around what used to be the north entrance of the former Castra Regina fortress.

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Porta Praetoria
Unter den Schwibbögen 2
93047 Regensburg
Next station
Regensburg Hbf (main station)

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