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When the men equipped with a basket and brass boiler lift the cover, the aroma of hot sausages wafts through Hof. The sausages are called “Wärschtla” here. A sausage seller with a brass boiler is called a “Wärschtlamo" (meaning sausage man). The Wärschtlamos of Hof have been an essential part of the town since 1871. Wiener, Knackwurst (a type of sausage widespread throughout Germany), Weißwurst or Bauernwurst (a spicy German sausage) all swim together in a hot water bath. This way, every sausage is infused with a special flavour that you can only get from the Wärschtlamo. Tempted yet? The Wärschtlamänner can be found spread out all around the town centre. This can be reached in five to ten minutes from the station. Additional information including a phrasebook of Wärschtlamo German for non-Franconians, can be found here.

Getting there

95028 Hof
Nearest train station Hof Hbf (main station)

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