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Are the farmers in the east of Bavaria particularly gloomy? The name of this Upper Palatinate sausage speciality certainly sounds melancholic: Bauernseufzer, or “farmer’s sigh” in German. There’s nothing to complain about there. The smoked, dark pork sausages not only go perfectly with Upper Palatinate beer, but are also tasty either hot or cold. Horseradish is a must. Secret tip: they are the best freshly smoked. The sausage also has another name in German which evokes an image of smoky chimneys. The Landmetzgerei Braun butcher serves very good ones. The main branch in Weiherhammer (but also the ones in Etzenricht and Weiden) is within walking distance from the station.

Getting there

Landmetzgerei Braun butcher
Hauptstraße 20
92729 Weiherhammer
Nearest train station Weiherhammer

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