Sausage trip to the Upper Palatinate

Sausage trip to the Upper Palatinate

Gastronomic History

I wonder if the farmers in eastern Bavaria are melancholy? The name of this sausage speciality sounds melancholy: Bauernseufzer.

I wonder if the farmers in eastern Bavaria are particularly melancholy? The name of this Upper Palatinate sausage speciality certainly sounds melancholy: Bauernseufzer. But there's actually nothing to moan about. The dark-smoked pork sausage not only goes perfectly with Upper Palatinate beer, but also tastes equally flavourful both hot and cold. Horseradish is a must. Insider tip: It is at its best fresh from the smoke. Its other name sounds much nicer: Schlotengerl. You can get very good ones at Landmetzgerei Braun. The main branch in Weiherhammer (but also the one in Weiden) is within walking distance of the railway station.

Country butcher's shop Braun
Hauptstraße 20
92729 Weiherhammer
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