City tours with the creepy factor

City tours with the creepy factor

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If you are looking for city tours that are anything but boring, you should book a night tour with the creepy factor.

Goosebump moments on Nuremberg's ghost trails

Exciting, informative, entertaining - and sometimes really spooky: the historical city tours in Nuremberg, Bamberg and Munich have a lot to offer. In the long history of these Bavarian cities steeped in history, there are plenty of spooky things waiting to be discovered on a city tour. The Middle Ages in particular offer plenty of material for this. In the evening, a city guide will take you through the alleyways of the Old Town in historical garb. Here, for example, the Nuremberg ghost trails are explored. There will be talk of headless ghosts and why all the bells ring in the city at the stroke of nine. Current tours, dates and prices can be found here.

Legends, myths and lots of fire: Bamberg and the witches

In Bamberg it's off to the witches' tour. The stories from the time of the witch hunts are among the city's most inglorious chapters, but there are also beautiful legends and customs that have been preserved to this day. You will learn all this on the 1.5-hour tour. You can find more information here.

Spooky Munich tour with devils and fat ghosts

In Munich, visitors and locals alike learn a lot of spooky things about the city. The tour takes you to the spookiest places in Munich's historic city centre. Whether it's the fat ghost of the Maxtor, the story of the cold-hearted miser on Promenadenplatz, or the role of the devil in the construction of the Frauenkirche - you've guessed it, but here you'll find out: not everything in Munich has always been above board. You can find all the details about the tourhere.

Please note: If you are travelling with children, please check in advance whether it might be a little too scary. Even frightened adults can get a little scared here and there.

Nuremberg ghost routes
Hauptmarkt 18
90403 Nuremberg
Next station
N├╝rnberg Hbf (Nuremberg main station)

Our tip: Please make sure to check your train connection and the expected capacity before you start your journey.

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