Shopping near the station: "Stadtgalerie" in Passau

Shopping near the station: "Stadtgalerie" in Passau

As well as big brand stores, the "Stadtgalerie" in Passau also has a number of shops that you won't find outside of Bavaria.

If you're arriving by train at Passau station, you'll catch the first glimpse of this vast building: the Stadtgalerie. Not an art exhibition, as the name might suggest, but a gigantic glass-fronted shopping centre. It houses more than 90 shops, cafĂ©s and restaurants and is right in the heart of the city – very close to the old town, pedestrian zone and university. As well as national and international brands, it also has several shops that you won't find outside of Bavaria, and this is what makes the Stadtgalerie unique. Right next to all the usual big brands, you'll find outlets such as "Gepp’s" delicatessen shop, jewellery store "Luisa" and cafĂ© "Simon" – which, by the way, sells delicious open sandwiches made from rustic farmhouse bread, amongst other delights. On the lower ground floor, there is a children's play area and massage seats – so both children and parents can enjoy themselves.

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Stadtgalerie in Passau
BahnhofstraĂźe 1
94032 Passau
Next station
Passau Hbf (main station)

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