Skating in Holzkirchen

Skating in Holzkirchen

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At the Holzkirchen skate park, you can score with new tricks in the open air.

The boys and girls with the skateboards have always been the coolest. And if it's too boring for you to just roll up and down the street, you can test your limits in this skate park:

The spacious Holzkirchen skate park is a wonderful place to try out new tricks in the open air - or get help from other skaters if things don't go as planned. The 750 m² facility features a halfbowl, quarterpipe and many other elements.

Would you like to learn tricks from other skaters? In summer, when the weather is nice, there are also small competitions between skaters.

The park is located close to the S-Bahn station and is no more than a 4-minute walk away.

How to get there: Take any train to Holzkirchen and leave the station at the Erlkamer Straße exit. Keep left and follow Erlkamer Straße for approx. 300 metres. The skate park is on the left-hand side.

Current information and opening hours can be found here.

Skatepark Holzkirchen
Am Ladehof 4
83607 Holzkirchen
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Our tip: Please make sure to check your train connection and the expected capacity before you start your journey.

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