Excursion to Sonthofen in the heart of the Oberallgäu

Excursion to Sonthofen in the heart of the Oberallgäu

Tucked away in the foothills of the Allgäu Alps lies Sonthofen, the southernmost town in Germany, which delights visitors with its unspoiled nature and Alpine traditions.

Sonthofen is known as the southernmost town in Germany and has a lot to offer its visitors. The district town of Oberallgäu has been a state-approved climatic health resort since 1919 and is home to around 20,000 inhabitants. Nestled directly in front of the Allgäu High Alps nature reserve, Sonthofen offers a rich and unspoiled mountain landscape just a short walk from the town center. The town itself is characterized by its rural past, which is reflected in active farms, the lively local history museum and the market square.

Immerse yourself in the history of Sonthofen

The AlpenStadtMuseum in Sonthofen is located in a historic farmhouse from the 18th century and has housed the town's local history collection since 1930. The museum is located in the oldest part of Sonthofen, close to the site where Alemannic graves from the 7th century were discovered. In the exhibition, visitors can learn more about the town and its history using numerous objects, media and interactive stations as well as a trail specially designed for children. The museum raises questions such as "What makes a home?" and "How did Sonthofen become the town it is today?".

Alpine music tradition

An essential element of the local musical tradition is the alphorn, an instrument that is deeply rooted in the history of the Alpine region. With its full, sustained tones, it fits in perfectly with the rugged mountain landscape. Even though alphorns are generally made of wood today, they are classified as brass instruments due to their metal mouthpiece. Playing the alphorn is a fine art that requires a lot of practice, as only eight different notes can usually be played on the instrument.

At the Landhotel Alphorn in Ofterschwang, just a short bus ride from Sonthofen, guests can learn the traditional art of alphorn blowing. Under the direction of Jörg Pöschl and his team, regular courses are offered to introduce visitors to this unique musical tradition.

Fascinating technology on a small scale

Those who are more interested in technology will enjoy the Minimobile Museum in Sonthofen. The museum has been a meeting place for model building fans since 1997. The museum's collection comprises over 23,000 models, mainly in H0 scale, which offer a comprehensive insight into the history of the automobile, which goes back over a hundred years. There are also several hundred models of airplanes and ships that illustrate the development of sea, air and space travel.

Out and about in Sonthofen

With over 100 km of well-maintained hiking trails and designated mountain bike routes, you can also actively explore the natural beauty of the surrounding area around Sonthofen. The unique Starzlachklamm gorge offers a special natural experience. It was formed over thousands of years by the eroding force of the Starzlach river and offers visitors a breathtaking landscape of waterfalls, rapids and deep gorges. The path through the gorge leads along well-secured footbridges and bridges past moss-covered rocks and roaring masses of water. Again and again, impressive views of the untouched nature and the powerful dynamics of the water open up.

For the adventurous, the Starzlachklamm also offers the opportunity to go canyoning. Under professional guidance, you can abseil, slide down natural water slides and jump off cliffs into the cool water.

Relaxation and fun for the whole family

Those who prefer a less daring way to refresh themselves will find various swimming pools, including a wave pool and a sports pool, and a spacious sauna area at the Wonnemar leisure pool in Sonthofen. Here you can choose between different saunas and enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains. For younger visitors, the Wonnemar has a special children's area, the "Wonniland". Here, children can play pirate, jump through the waves or float in the current channel. There are also four different slides, including two family slides, which provide plenty of fun.

Whether you want to learn about traditional music or explore the beautiful natural surroundings, Sonthofen is the perfect place for a day trip. So, pack your bag, hop on the train and let Sonthofen inspire you.

If you would like to find out more about the Alphorn courses, take a look at our "Unboxing Bavaria" videos here:


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