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Round trip through the tripoint on Lake Constance

Round trip through the tripoint on Lake Constance

In Lindau, two different boat operators offer the chance to take a round trip through the tripoint.

You are spoilt for choice here: from Lindau, two different boat operators offer the chance to take a gorgeous round trip through the tripoint. Boat operator Wiehrer offer a short (one-and-a-half hours) and a long (two hours) panorama trip around the lake, among other things. The jetty is about ten minutes from the station.

Bodensee-Schiffsbetriebe offers culinary delights: in addition to the traditional round trips, you can also enjoy a variety of event trips and enjoy wine tasting, four-course meals or breakfast with music.

Both operators offer a discount if you arrive by train.









Hi! It's me, Bruno the dachshund. Lindau's harbour has a lighthouse that you can visit. Inside, there's a spiral staircase made of wood. It's 33 metres high, and I went all the way up to the top. The steps were a bit high for me as a small dog, and there were lots of them, but the old postcards, letters and signs all over the walls were so interesting that I wanted to keep going. People by the lake have some funny customs: in Lindau, they call the people in Konstanz "lake rabbits". That's why the people in Lindau have used rabbits for hundreds of years whenever they want to draw a caricature of the people living on the other side of the lake.         



Discover Bavaria with Bruno the dachshund and the DB: 

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Round trip through the tripoint
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88131 Lindau (Lake Constance)
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