Round trips in the border triangle at Lake Constance

Round trips in the border triangle at Lake Constance

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At Lake Constance in the border triangle, seafaring hearts beat faster: between Bregenz in Austria and Constance in Germany, the other shore cannot even be guessed at, even with the best distant views. Nothing but blue water and white sails as far as the eye can see.

Lake Constance, whose shoreline is shared by Germany, Switzerland and Austria, is the largest and deepest lake in Germany. A trip across the "Swabian Sea" should be part of every excursion by train to Lindau. From Lindau you can set off on wonderful round trips through the border triangle with various boat companies.

The "White Fleet" of Bodensee-Schiffbetriebe GmbH takes you across the lake to destinations such as Friedrichshafen, Constance or Ăśberlingen from April to October. During the trip, you can sit back, enjoy the fresh breeze and take in the view of the majestic Alps. Instead of heading to a specific destination, you can also embark on a round trip instead. In addition to panoramic cruises through the border triangle, the programme also includes sunset cruises or culinary tours. You won't be served rusks from the cabin, instead you'll be spoilt with specialities from the region.

Meanwhile, the Austrianshippingcompany "Historische Schifffahrt Bodensee", which also offers many trips from Lindau, attracts visitors with very special vehicles: the art deco ship "Motorschiff Oesterreich" and the only paddle steamer on Lake Constance, the "Hohentwiel".

No matter which provider and which tour you choose, you will be thrilled by the view you have on deck of the ships. Let your gaze wander and overlook the whole of Lake Constance as well as the snow-covered Alpine peaks beyond. On the north side of Lake Constance, gentle hilly landscapes await you, known for their delicious fruit and full-bodied wine.

Our extra tip for children

The lighthouse, which sits enthroned in the entrance to Lindau harbour and causes wide eyes among seafarers, can also be visited from the inside. A wooden spiral staircase leads up 33 metres to the top. Old postcards, letters and signs hanging on the walls here make the climb interesting and educational fun. Did you know, for example, that the people of Lindau call the people of Constance "sea hares"? In Lindau, they have been drawing funny rabbit caricatures about the inhabitants on the other side of the lake for over a hundred years.

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Round trip through the border triangle
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