Fascinating hike: the Altmühltal Panorama Trail in Middle Franconia

Fascinating hike: the Altmühltal Panorama Trail in Middle Franconia

The various stages of the Altmühltal Panorama Trail are among the most versatile routes for hiking enthusiasts. The route through Central Franconia is a real nature highlight. The final visit to the "Twelve Apostles" dolomite rocks makes your day trip an unforgettable experience.

Tour with unique rock formation

Hiking on the Altmühltal Panorama Trail, which impresses with its fascinating landscape all year round. The entire Panorama Trail is divided into sections and is ideal for a day trip due to the good rail connections. The Central Franconian section is particularly worth seeing: therefore, start your hike at Pappenheim railway station. From there, the trail leads via Zimmern to Solnhofen. Just 20 minutes away, a real natural highlight awaits you: the mighty "Twelve Apostles" dolomite rocks.

Hiking tour through Middle Franconia

The hike to the famous "Twelve Apostles" rock formation begins at the railway station in Pappenheim in Middle Franconia. Plan on about two hours for the eight kilometres. Follow the Lachgartenweg to the right and turn left onto the Bahnweg. After 750 metres, continue for a short distance on Schützenstraße. From here, turn slightly right into Deisingerstraße and keep going straight towards the market square. This is the official starting point of the walk. If you follow the red and yellow symbol with the designation "Altmühltal Panoramaweg", you cannot miss the stage destination of Solnhofen. Enjoy the magnificent view from the high plateau of the panorama over the picturesque valley meander of the Altmühl and the imposingly lined-up limestone rocks.

"Twelve Apostles": Imposing natural spectacle against a dreamlike backdrop

The panorama trail continues to the grandiose hiking finale of your Middle Franconian day tour to the "Twelve Apostles": after the forest section, you reach the idyllic community of Solnhofen via a small path. From there, the path leads past the children's playground, straight ahead into the housing estate. On Karl-Högner-Straße, at the height of the tennis courts, turn left into Bieswanger Weg. Follow Industriestraße to the right for 280 metres and turn right again at Hochholzer Weg. Walk to the hikers' car park and now orientate yourself by the red-yellow hiking trail symbols. Now it is only about 20 minutes until you can let your gaze wander over the magnificent Altmühltal panorama to the majestic "Twelve Apostles" limestone rocks. The striking rock formation is one of the landmarks of the Altmühltal Nature Park and is one of its scenic highlights. From a geological point of view, the Apostles consist of the limestone remains of a reef belt from the Jurassic Sea hundreds of millions of years ago. According to legend, there were twelve giants who transformed themselves into the steep rock group.

Exercise in the fresh air whets your appetite: the Franconian inn Zum Mühlenwirt in the listed village mill right next to the Altmühl serves regional specialities in a rustic nature atmosphere. After the "Twelve Apostles", return to the hikers' car park and walk along the Hochholzer Weg from there. Turn right onto Eichstätter Straße and from there left again onto Glaubensberg. The path then leads you left again onto Pappenheimerstraße across the Altmühl. Now continue left onto Bahnhofstraße, past the Solnhofen railway station, left onto Mühlweg until you reach the Wirtshaus am Fluss after just under 600 metres. After refreshments, you can relax and take the train back home.

Naturpark Altmühltal - Solnhofen - Radler bei den 12 Aposteln
Naturpark Altmühltal - Wanderer bei den 12 Aposteln
Naturpark Altmühltal - Radler vor dem Burgsteinfelsen bei Dollnstein
Altmühltal Panorama Trail in Middle Franconia

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