Fast your way to health in Ruhstorf

Fast your way to health in Ruhstorf

Relaxation & Wellness
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The 4-star wellness hotel Antoniushof in Ruhstorf promises big things. The new word on the block is "therapeutic fasting".

The 4-star wellness hotel Antoniushof in Ruhstorf promises big things. The new word on the block is "therapeutic fasting". By resisting food for a certain amount of time, you allow your body to rid itself of toxins and waste. In a manner of speaking, your "inner doctor" is being tasked with ridding the body of congestion and blockages. Some claim that it can even completely cure certain chronic medical conditions. The healing routine is supported by plenty of rest and relaxation, which, of course, is easily arranged in a wellness hotel.

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Antoniushof in Ruhstorf
Ernst-Hatz-Stra├če 2
94099 Ruhstorf an der Rott
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