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Lift the curtains on Bavaria's theatrical world. The 4 best theatres in Bavaria

These four Bavarian theatres are anything but ordinary – and are very easy to reach by train.


Theatres take centre stage – particularly for the people for whom operating these four Bavarian theatres is a labour of love. Since these four theatres are anything but ordinary, and are very easy to reach by train.

The opera academy in Henfenfeld

At the Opern- und Konzertakademie (opera and concert academy) at Schloss Henfenfeld castle near Nuremberg, professional and amateur singers are trained under the instruction of experienced coaches.
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The Turmtheater theatre in Regensburg

The Turmtheater theatre in Regensburg doesn’t just raise you to lofty cultural heights. The sixth floor of the Goliath Haus offers a comprehensive programme.
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The Bamberger Marionettentheater (Bamberg puppet theatre)

The Bamberger Marionettentheater (Bamberg puppet theatre) sets the stage for a spellbinding show. Although the programme often includes a play for children, the majority of productions are for adults.
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Schloss Henfenfeld castle
Nearest station: Henfenfeld Am Schloss 12
91239 Henfenfeld
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