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Cycle tour from Bamberg through the Aisch valley

This bike tour takes you along the Main River into the Aisch Valley. Here you can expect numerous streams and springs as well as Franconian brewing art. And this tour also has a lot to offer culturally.

3 h
66 km
Key facts of the tour
The Aisch valley is very charming and varied thanks to a large number of springs and smaller streams. Here you will find one of the largest connected pond areas in Central Europe with over 7,000 ponds, numerous mills, fountains, castles and rock cellars.

The beauty of nature and the highest enjoyment of art are spiced up on this cycle tour by the culinary temptations of numerous taprooms of the traditional Franconian art of brewing.

You will also encounter the history of the "Bavarian Humboldt", Johann Baptist Ritter von Spix. The Spix Museum in Höchstadt dedicates a lively, moving exhibition to him. The museum is only open on Sunday, between 2 and 4 pm.

A rarity awaits you at Schloss Weißenstein. The art collection there features Old Masters such as Breughel, v. Dyck and Rubens. You should book a guided tour there before you start your journey (Tel: 09548 / 98180).

Please check the opening times of the highlights recommended here before starting your trip and plan your tour accordingly. The scenic beauty and charm of the localities make the tour worthwhile even if you only look at one or two of the highlights mentioned here in passing.
A cycling tour for nature lovers, culture enthusiasts and bon vivants.

Arrive relaxed and use rental bikes from the local rental companies. The capacity for taking bicycles on the trains is limited and taking your own bike on the train cannot be guaranteed, depending on the capacity.

Start and end station

Start station
Bahnhof Bamberg
6 tour steps
66 km / 3 Stunden
End station
Fahrradhaus Griesmann

Our tip: Please make sure to check your train connection and the expected capacity before you start your journey.


Tour starts on Bahnhof Bamberg


DB Bicycle Service Bamberg Station

There are 762 bicycle parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of Bamberg station. 330 of these are free bike stations.

With the DB app Rad+, you can collect kilometres cycled in the participating cities and then exchange them for discounts or rewards at exclusive partners.

Ludwigstr. 6

Foto: Bartlomiej Banaszak, Lizenz: Deutsche Bahn AG


From Bamberg station, the first and shortest stage leads first to the bicycle rental shop, Fahrradhaus Griesmann. To the south of the station, turn into Kunigundenruhstraße and from there into Steinweg.

Bicycle shop Griesmann

Fahrradhaus Griesmann is the bike rental shop for Bamberg and the surrounding area.
Physiologically tuned and suitable for the challenges of the route, the cyclist will find what he needs here, whether e-bike or touring bike. This way, the planned tour can be cycled in a relaxed manner.

It is advisable to register your needs before the start of the trip and the tour, so that the rental can really start right away upon arrival.

The bicycle rental shop offers the following selection:
City bikes for men and women with 7 gears
Trekking bikes with 24-speed derailleur gears
Electric bikes with 400 W/h
and 9-speed derailleur gears or 7-8-speed hub gears

Please note: Rental is only possible from Tuesday to Saturday during business hours!

City / Touring or Trekking bike:
12 ‚ā¨ / day or 75,00 ‚ā¨ / week
Electric bike:
30,00 ‚ā¨ / day or 180,00 ‚ā¨ / week

Gangolfsplatz 4

Phone: 0951 22967
Email Address:
Tuesday: 09:00am - 12:30pm and 02:00pm - 06:00pm
Wednesday: 09:00am - 12:30pm and 02:00pm - 06:00pm
Thursday: 09:00am - 12:30pm and 02:00pm - 06:00pm
Friday: 09:00am - 12:30pm and 02:00pm - 06:00pm
Saturday: 09:00am - 01:00pm
Foto: pixabay


Well equipped, you now continue to the Adenauerufer. From here you cycle left along the Adenauerufer and thus southwards along the Main Danube Canal, among other things comfortably on the "Aischtalradweg" (A) cycle path.

In Strullendorf, leave the designated cycle route and follow it to the bridge over the canal.

You cross the canal on the path parallel to the railway tracks at the lock.

Two bridges lie ahead of you on this stage. At the power station you cross the power station canal and between Altendorf and Seußling the Regnitz. From the confluence of the Aisch and the Regnitz, continue to follow the Aisch southwards.

From Trailsdorf you continue to follow the "Aischtalradweg" (A) and cycle through the middle of the village and on to Hallerndorf. The art of brewing at its best awaits you here.

The Lieberth village cellar in Hallerndorf

The municipality of Hallerndorf, consisting of eight villages with a total of more than 4000 inhabitants, can boast five breweries alone.

One of the oldest and most traditional is the Lieberth brewery. It was granted the brewing right in 1679. The craft has been passed on within the family until today. The fine Kellerbier has been served here for well over 200 years. They also serve lager and pilsner.

In 1787, Johann Michael Lieberth built a sandstone cellar for storing beer. Today, it serves as a bar for the village cellar. Here, home-made brewery specialities and rich food are offered.

The end of the cellar season is celebrated every year with a festival and live music, the date for which is always announced at short notice.

Kreuzbergstraße 17

Phone: 09545 4437373
15.04. - 30.09.
Tuesday: 04:00pm - 10:00pm
Wednesday: 04:00pm - 10:00pm
Thursday: 04:00pm - 10:00pm
Friday: 04:00pm - 10:00pm
Saturday: 03:00pm - 10:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am - 10:00pm


From Hallerndorf you continue cycling along the Aisch. You cycle through Haid and Lauf. At Uttstadt you cross the Aisch and now come to Adelsdorf.

Schloss Adelsdorf - Community of Adelsdorf

Adelsdorf Castle could well serve as a location for fairy tale films, as dreamily as it nestles in the community, between old trees, with half-timbered buildings, archways and turrets. A moated castle once stood here. Today it is a baroque country or hunting lodge. In old times, some people even believed they had seen a white woman haunting the rooms. Allegedly, this was the soul of a peddler who died here in 1736 for a minor offence.

Closely connected with the castle is the history of the Adelsdorf branch of the noble von Bibra family. Baroness Barbara von Bibra, who sold the castle to the municipality in 1993, lived in the main wing of the castle until her death at the end of 2016.

Today, the castle houses the wedding hall of the registry office, parts of the municipal administration, adult education centre, administration of the castle foundation, art association, doctor's practice, law office, yoga studio as well as the HOFHAUS with art exhibitions and wine trade.

Adelsdorf itself is a paradise for gourmets and beer lovers. A must on every visit: enjoy the delicious Aischgr√ľnder Karpfen (carp) - naturally only in the months with an "r", i.e. from September to April. This regional delicacy enjoys great fame not only in the Aischgrund but also beyond the region.

Adelsdorf also has a long tradition of brewing beer, and even today there is an astonishingly large number of well-preserved rock cellars that invite visitors to socialise. The beer served comes from the local family breweries.

The impressive pond landscape of the Aischgrund is also famous for its abundance of breeding birds and as a resting and wintering area for migratory birds from areas with harsh winters. The people of Adelsdorf are particularly proud of their breeding pair of storks.

Hauptstraße 4

Phone: 09195 94320
Email Address:
Schloss Adelsdorf


You now follow the course of the Aisch through Nainsdorf, Medbach, to Höchstadt an der Aisch. In Höchstadt, the Spix Museum awaits you, but it is only open on Sundays from 2 to 4 pm.

The scenic attractions of this route and the villages make the tour worthwhile, even if you only pass one or two sights.

Spix Museum

Fearless and inquisitive was he, the Knight of Spix, or more precisely: Dr. Johann Baptist Knight of Spix (1781 to 1826). His birthplace can be found then as now at the address Badgasse 7 in Höchstadt. Here, near Höchstadt Castle, a very lively and exciting exhibition opened in 2019. It describes the eventful history and life of the town's most famous citizen.

He is also known as the Bavarian Humboldt. Ritter von Spix acquired several scientific degrees in philosophy, theology and medicine. He used his means, his knowledge and above all his inquisitiveness to travel boldly to Brazil, which was still unexplored at the time, where he undertook zoological studies for three years. He was already warning of dramatic undesirable developments resulting from the overexploitation of nature.

The exhibition takes its visitors back to the time and life of Dr. Ritter v. Spix and even shows exhibits that he himself collected and prepared on his travels through the Brazilian rainforest.

Impressive display boards, numerous exhibits and computer-controlled multimedia installations make the adventures and life of the Knight of Spix appear to today's visitors as if in a journey through time.

Badgasse 7

Phone: 0176 83518222
Email Address:
Sunday: 02:00pm - 04:00pm
Spix Museum
Spix Museum


After your visit to the museum, or if you drop by outside opening hours, it's worth taking a short tour of Höchstadt.

The town's thousand-year history has left interesting traces. The town centre, for example, is a successful mix of historical and modern buildings. The town wall, for example, dates back to the 14th century, as does the stone bridge over the Aisch.

Brewing also has a long tradition here, which is also evidenced by the Kellerberg Museum. In addition, cosy restaurants offer local brewery specialities, Franconian and international dishes and, of course, the Aischgr√ľnder Spiegelkarpfen.

From Höchstadt you make your way back to Bamberg.

A gentle up and down now lies ahead of you. Turn north on a direct route, cycle out of Höchstadt and past the Etzelskirchen pond.

You cross the motorway, enter shady forests and pass Limbach. After that, Weissenstein Castle is not far away.

Weissenstein Castle

Weissenstein Castle in Pommersfelden was built between 1711 and 1718 by Lothar Franz von Schönborn, Prince-Bishop of Bamberg and Elector of Mainz, as a summer residence and has survived all wars in its 300-year history unscathed. It is therefore one of the best-preserved palaces of its era.

The private flats have also been largely preserved in their original state, and the magnificent mirrored cabinet, one of the oldest preserved in Europe, shines alongside Röntgen furniture and wonderful marquetry floors.

The staircase is decorated with valuable frescoes by Giovanni Francesco Marchini and Rudolf Byss. There is a festive marble hall with an ancestral gallery of the Counts of Schönborn.

Prince-Bishop Lothar Franz von Schönborn created a unique collection of Old Master paintings, some of which have been preserved in their original hangings in the palace. During the guided tour, paintings by Breughel, van Dyck, Rubens and Titian will be shown.
The palace can only be visited as part of a guided tour with advance reservation.

Am Schloß 1

Phone: 09548 98180
01.04. - 31.10.
Monday: 11:00am - 05:00pm
Tuesday: 11:00am - 05:00pm
Wednesday: 11:00am - 05:00pm
Thursday: 11:00am - 05:00pm
Friday: 11:00am - 05:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am - 05:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am - 05:00pm
Schloss Weissenstein Frontansicht
Marmorsaal, Schloss Weissenstein

Tour ends on Fahrradhaus Griesmann


You cycle from Pommersfelden to Frensdorf on the cycle route "Schloss Weissenstein Tour" (SW) along the river Reiche Ebrach, which you finally cross. The name of the river goes back to the large population of wild boars that are said to have lived along the former "Eberbach".

You will soon encounter the Rauhe Ebracht, which got its name because of the somewhat wilder currents.

Your path now leads back to the Griesmann bicycle shop to return the rental bikes.

Finally, why not treat yourself to a relaxing end to the day at the famous Brauereigasthof Fässla. It is only a five-minute walk from the station at Obere Königsstraße 19 to 21 and is open Monday to Saturday from 8:30 to 23:00.

Tour map


Bahnhof Bamberg

Ludwigstraße 6

96052 Bamberg

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