Burg und Woehrsee Burghausen, Foto: Burghauser Touristik Blick von der Burg auf die Altstadt, Foto: Burghauser Touristik Badespaß am Leitgeringer See, Foto: Stadt Tittmoning Gemeinde Tittmoning, Foto: Stadt Tittmoning Radtour bei Tittmoning, Foto: Stadt Tittmoning Burghof Burg Tittmoning, Foto: Stadt Tittmoning Kloster Raitenhaslach, Klosterkirche und Aussenbereich der Anlage, Foto: Burghauser Touristik Altstadt Burghausen, Foto: Burghauser Touristik Salzachdurchbruch, Foto: Burghauser Touristik Foto: Bartlomiej Banaszak, Lizenz: Deutsche Bahn AG Fahrrad, Foto: pixabay.com Leitgeringer See, Foto: Stadt Tittmoning Burg Tittmoning Luftansicht, Foto: Stadt Tittmoning Kloster Raitenhaslach, Frontansicht mit Aussenanlagen, Foto: Burghauser Touristik
Bycicle tour

From castle to castle between Burghausen and Tittmoning

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From Burghausen, head south along the Salzach valley to Tittmoning. Here you will not only find a picturesque town square, but also a historic fortification.

6 h
43 km
Key facts of the tour
Part of this tour runs along the medieval salt trade route, which led from Hallein in Austria across the Salzach river to the foothills of the Alps in Upper Bavaria. A highlight awaits you at the start in Burghausen: the town's fortress stretches over a length of 1043 metres. That is a world record. Most of the buildings were erected at the end of the 15th century by the Wittelsbach dynasty, who used the castle as a residence and state fortress. Today, everyone can enjoy the view of Burghausen and the Salzach from up there.

The castle in Tittmoning is much smaller, but still impressive with its more than 800 years of history. On the way there, the Leitgeringer See lake invites you to refresh yourself or take a break in the beer garden. You cycle back to Burghausen directly along the banks of the Salzach. A stop at the former Raitenhaslach monastery is worthwhile. Here you will also find another nice place to stop for refreshments.
A cycle tour for nature lovers and culture vultures

Arrive relaxed and hire bikes from local hire companies. The capacity for taking bikes on the trains is limited and it is not possible to guarantee that you will be able to take your own bike with you, depending on capacity utilisation.

Start and end station

Start station
Bahnhof Burghausen
5 tour steps
43 km / 6 Stunden
End station
Bahnhof Burghausen

Our tip: Please make sure to check your train connection and the expected capacity before you start your journey.


Tour starts on Bahnhof Burghausen


DB Bicycle Service Burghausen (Upper Bavaria) station

There are 138 bicycle parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the railway station.

Berliner Platz 2, Neustadt

Foto: Bartlomiej Banaszak, Lizenz: Deutsche Bahn AG


It is only a 10-minute walk from the railway station to the bike hire shop fahr Rad Singer.

ride bike Singer

In addition to bicycles, fahr Rad Singer also sells cycling clothing and accessories. Please enquire about hire bikes in advance.

Marktler Str. 7

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Fahrrad, Foto: pixabay.com


On leaving Burghausen, you have the opportunity to see the castle in its entirety. A good two kilometres further on, the route flanked by trees offers a beautiful view of the Salzach valley.

Meadows and fields, villages with churches and tiled-roof houses dominate the scenery. From around Asten, the alpine mountains can be seen more and more clearly in the distance.

You pass the Astener Moossee lake and shortly afterwards reach the Leitgeringer See lake. An ideal place for a break.

The route leads to Tittmoning on the "Salzhandelsweg" (salt trade route) cycle path.

Lake Leitgering

Lake Leitgering is located around three kilometres north of Tittmoning. The main attraction in summer is the bathing area with a sandy beach and sunbathing lawns. A diving board and slide provide extra fun. The little ones can also let off steam on a playground and the older ones on pedal boats and stand-up paddleboards. The natural bathing lake is heavily indented and surrounded by a belt of trees. You can always find a shady spot for a picnic. There is also a restaurant with a beer garden at the bathing area.

Furth 10

Contact person: Wild catch Leitgering
Phone: 08683 8919881
Email Address: info@wildfang-leitgering.de
Leitgeringer See, Foto: Stadt Tittmoning
Baden am Leitgeringer See, Foto: Stadt Tittmoning


The towering fortress that now comes into view is Tittmoning Castle. The last section of the path into the town leads steeply downhill.

Tittmoning Castle

On a geographically favourable hill, directly on the Ponlachgraben, the medieval castle towers above the town. Its strategic location on a spur of land and a deep moat made it difficult to conquer. The castle once served as the summer residence of the Salzburg bishops. It changed hands several times during its 800-year history. In 1816, Tittmoning and its fortress finally fell to Bavaria. Today, the castle houses a local history museum and a tannery exhibition.

Burg 7

Phone: 08683 700710
Email Address: anfrage@tittmoning.de
Burg Tittmoning Luftansicht, Foto: Stadt Tittmoning
Burghof Burg Tittmoning, Foto: Stadt Tittmoning


On the way back to Burghausen, you now cycle directly along the Salzach. You pass through a romantic river landscape with lots of greenery and beautiful photo opportunities.
There are hardly any gradients or inclines. Only shortly before the hill in Raitenhaslach do you have to pedal harder again. The impressive monastery complex is located in a bend in the Salzach and can be seen from afar.

Raitenhaslach Monastery

The former monastery is a baroque jewel on the outskirts of Burghausen. Cistercian monks founded their first monastery in Old Bavaria here in 1146. Today, the buildings are largely used and managed by the Technical University of Munich. We recommend a visit to the monastery church, which is over 800 years old and combines various architectural styles: the original Romanesque church has been remodelled several times and the interior is exceptionally splendidly decorated in the rococo style.

Raitenhaslach 1

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Kloster Raitenhaslach, Frontansicht mit Aussenanlagen, Foto: Burghauser Touristik
Aussenanlage vom Kloster Raitenhaslach, Foto: Burghauser Touristik

Tour ends on Bahnhof Burghausen


Near the monastery is the Klostergasthof Raitenhaslach (Raitenhaslach 9, 84489 Burghausen, Tel. 08677 9730), which is said to be one of the most beautiful in Bavaria. In addition to the restaurant, there is also a brewery. Here you can fortify yourself before heading back to Burghausen.

Tour map


Bahnhof Burghausen

Berliner Platz 2, Neustadt

84489 Burghausen

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