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In the Rodach valley and around the Ködel dam

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Experience the history of the mills along the Rodach, the Ködeltalsperre and a unique natural oasis on this cycle tour. Immerse yourself in the feel-good oasis on the edge of the old town of Kronach and experience the largest drinking water dam in Bavaria.

5 h
55 km
Key facts of the tour
On this tour through the charming Franconian Forest, you will learn what can happen when man and nature work together. The many mills along the Rodach bear witness to how important the constantly flowing water was for work and development in the region.

At the Ködeltalsperre, it is the drinking water dammed by man that provides the surrounding area with the basis of all life and, incidentally, offers opportunities for sport and recreation. In a rocky desert that was created as a spoil heap, nature has independently conquered a unique habitat. And on the southern edge of the thousand-year-old old town of Kronach, man has created an oasis of well-being from a polluted industrial area with the help of nature and culture.
A cycling tour for nature lovers and adventurers.

Arrive relaxed and use rental bikes from the local rental companies. The capacity for taking bicycles on trains is limited and taking your own bike on the train cannot be guaranteed, depending on the capacity.

Start and end station

Start station
Bahnhof Kronach
6 tour steps
55 km / 5 Stunden
End station
Bahnhof Neuses

Our tip: Please make sure to check your train connection and the expected capacity before you start your journey.


Tour starts on Bahnhof Kronach


DB Bicycle Service Kronach Station

There are bicycle parking spaces in the immediate vicinity.


Foto: Bartlomiej Banaszak, Lizenz: Deutsche Bahn AG


If you have had an e-bike delivered to the station by Frankenwald Bike in advance, the tour can start immediately. From the station, head east parallel to the B303.

Then you cycle through Marktrodach always along the Rodach.

Franconian Forest Bikes

Frankenwald Bikes offers 3 e-bike models for hire, all of which are equipped with high-quality components so that you can start your cycling tours in the Frankenwald without any compromises.

Upon request in advance, the rental shop also offers the option of having rental bikes delivered to the train station. However, it is essential to enquire in advance.

The current prices of the different models can be found on the website. (Daily price 35-45,-€)

Tiefenbach 1a

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Frankenwald Bikes


Start eastwards over the two rivers Haßlach and Kronach and follow the Rodach upstream.

The valley of the Rodach narrows behind Marktrodach and Zeyern and you will repeatedly pass old mills along the way that have shaped the area here.

Steinwiesen pond mill

The pond mill in Steinwiesen is over half a millennium old. It was first mentioned in 1507. In the Franconian Forest, the milling tradition is even over 900 years old. These first "machines" of mankind are already mentioned in the Old Testament. However, the mills in the Rodach Valley are not hand-operated and do not grind grain. As one of the last saw or cutting mills in the Franconian Forest, the Teichmühle is still in operation today and its mill wheel is intact. It is also a museum mill. It is open on Sunday afternoons in summer for anyone who would like to find out more about what the daily work of a cutting miller used to be like. Groups of ten or more can book a guided tour throughout the week.

Teichmühle 1

Phone: 09262 1538
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01.05. - 31.10.
Sunday: 02:00pm - 05:00pm
Teichmuehle Steinwiesen


Even more mills lie on your way. You continue up the Rodach until you reach your second destination of today's tour: the Ködeltalsperre.

If you like, you can stop at the local inn "Klug" in Nurn above the dam after your tour and fortify yourself for the return journey. (Nurn 21, 96349 Steinwiesen, Tel. 09262 7908)

Ködel dam

The Mauthaus drinking water dam is the largest drinking water dam in Bavaria. Its tributaries to the right and left of the Schauberg at the northern end of the dam are called Nordhalbener and Tschirner Ködel, which is why it is also known as Ködeltalsperre.

The mainly flat asphalted circular path around the reservoir is a good eleven kilometres long and well suited for many recreational sports: from hiking, jogging and cycling to inline skating and Nordic blading. However, because drinking water is extracted here, the invitingly clear water is off-limits for bathing.

Junimorgen an der Ködeltalsperre
eBikes Radverleih Tourismushaus
Ködeltalsperre Hauptdamm
Ködeltalsperre Sommerhitze


After the flat loop around the dam, the only notable climb of this tour awaits you.

Via a forest path with a rapid ascent, you reach the eastern edge of Nurn. Follow the gravel path south for one kilometre to reach the viewpoint.

Nurner lump

This stone desert was artificially created by humans, but over time it has become a unique natural biotope. It was created during the expansion of the state road 2207 between Steinwiesen and Mauthaus. It consists of 30,000 cubic metres of rock material that form a bizarre rocky landscape.

Today, the rocky desert is a habitat for rare plants and animals, including many lizards and the protected smooth snake, which is completely harmless to humans. From here, the view sweeps over the hills and valleys of the Franconian Forest from a height of 500 metres.

Wolken ueber dem Nurner Brocken
Ausblick vom Nurner Brocken


From the great view on the hilltop, the route first goes back to Nurn and from there continues on the asphalt road through the forest back to the Rodach valley.

If you like, take a break on the way in Marktrodach in Stegner's country beer garden (Kulmbacher Str. 10, 96364 Marktrodach, Tel. 09261/2640) or, in bad weather, in the rustic barn belonging to it. Here you can get Franconian specialities and home-made snacks and every month a special beer on tap from the region.

Now it's not far to Kronach.

Kronach State Garden Show Park

When the State Garden Show opened in Kronach in 2002, the city had successfully managed the largest clean-up of contaminated sites in Bavaria's history. Where the rivers Haßlach and Kronach meet the Rodach, there had previously been an unsightly and heavily polluted industrial area.

20 years ago, a spacious 14-hectare park was created on this site in front of the panorama of Rosenberg Fortress. Today, the Landesgartenschaupark attracts people of all ages. Sports enthusiasts can let off steam at the adventure and water playground, volleyball court, skate park and climbing tower. Those who want to unwind can look at the sculptures, meet at the lake stage or stroll through the educational garden.

Pfählangerstraße 23

Phone: 09261 970
Email Address:
Landesgartenschau Park Kronach
Garten der Vergangenheit Landesgartenschau Park

Tour ends on Bahnhof Neuses


The way back to Kronach station leads north along the water.
But before you get on the train, don't forget to return your rented e-bike.

Tour map


Bahnhof Kronach


96317 Kronach

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