Panoramatour Lindau, Foto: Lindau Tourismus und Kongress GmbH Weingut Schmidt am Bodensee, Foto: Radfahren in den Obstgärten, Foto: Frederick Sams, Lizenz: Landratsamt Lindau Weinberge des Weinguts Schmidt am Bodensee, Foto: Foto: Bartlomiej Banaszak, Lizenz: Deutsche Bahn AG Foto: Pixabay Aussichtspunkt „Lotzbeckpark", Foto: Frederick Sams, Lizenz: Landratsamt Lindau Aussichtspunkt „Giebelbach“, Foto: Frederick Sams, Lizenz: Landratsamt Lindau Aussichtspunkt „Im Paradies“ - Nonnenhorn, Foto: Frederick Sams, Lizenz: Landratsamt Lindau Aussichtspunkt  „Antoniuskapelle“, Foto: Frederick Sams, Lizenz: Landratsamt Lindau Aussichtspunkt "Herrmannsberg", Foto: Frederick Sams, Lizenz: Landratsamt Lindau Aussichtspunkt „Entenberg“, Foto: Frederick Sams, Lizenz: Landratsamt Lindau

Villas, water, vineyards on Lake Constance in Lindau

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The most beautiful viewpoints of Lake Constance await you! This circular route leads from Lindau along the lake and into the vineyards and orchards of the region with fantastic views.

3 h
28 km
Key facts of the tour
The panoramic cycle tour on Lake Constance in Lindau has more in store for you than the name promises. The circular route first takes you along the shores of Lake Constance, through the "Bavarian Riviera" and offers marvellous views of the lake and the shoreline landscape. Then it goes a little inland to higher vantage points. To be precise: you experience the six most beautiful viewpoints in the region. But it's not just the views across the lake and into the countryside as far as the Swiss and Austrian mountains that make this circular tour so attractive. You cycle past orchards, vineyards and through picturesque villages. Time and again, the tour offers romantic spots and cosy inns and wine taverns.

The route partly follows the Lake Constance cycle path, with gentle inclines and very good, paved paths. You can also hire bikes suitable for people with reduced mobility from the Lindau cycle island.
A cycle tour for families, explorers and nature lovers

Arrive relaxed and hire bikes from local hire companies. The capacity for taking bikes on the trains is limited and, depending on capacity utilisation, taking your own bike on board cannot be guaranteed.

Start and end station

Start station
Hauptbahnhof Lindau
8 tour steps
28 km / 3 Stunden
End station
Hauptbahnhof Lindau

Our tip: Please make sure to check your train connection and the expected capacity before you start your journey.


Tour starts on Hauptbahnhof Lindau


DB bicycle service Lindau-Insel station

There are 279 bicycle parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the station.

With the DB Rad+ app, kilometres cycled in the participating cities can be collected and then exchanged for discounts or rewards with exclusive partners.

Am bhf
Lindau (Bodensee)

Foto: Bartlomiej Banaszak, Lizenz: Deutsche Bahn AG


When you leave the Lindau island railway station, turn left. You will find the "Radinsel" after about 3 minutes behind the bus station, at the start of the Lake Constance cycle path. Here you can hire the right bike for your cycle tour. You can order the right bike for you from the bike island by calling or emailing in advance.

RadInsel bike hire

At the "Radinsel" bike hire centre, Lindau residents and their guests will find bikes for almost every need. Whether you are looking for a day trip, a city tour or simply a way to go on a tour with limited mobility - RadInsel is sure to have the right bike for you. Bikes for all age groups, including tandems and e-tricycles, can be hired here. Everything from a price of 12 euros per day. Please enquire about the current availability of bikes and opening times before travelling.

Men's or ladies' bike €12 per day
Youth bike 7,- € / day
Tandem 17,- € / day

Dammsteggasse 4

Phone: 0163 5623077
Email Address:
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Foto: Pixabay


Now, well equipped, continue along the railway embankment in the direction of Wasserburg am Bodensee. During the tour, keep to the signposts with the number 1.

Once you reach the mainland, turn left over the railway tracks towards Bad Schachen. You cycle along the lakeside promenade, the Lotzbeckweg, and have a clear view of the powder tower on Lindau Island. You pass a little rarity: one of the last wooden bathhouses on stilts, as there were many of them on Lake Constance a hundred years ago. The Aeschach baths are still in operation today. Now you head close to the shore to the first two viewpoints "Lotzbeckpark" and "Giebelbach".

Lotzbeckpark" viewpoint

The "Lotzbeckpark" vantage point, located directly on Lake Constance, offers a panoramic view, and not just far across the water. If you look back at the shore from here, you get a good impression of the elegance of the "Bavarian Riviera". The shore region was given this name at the end of the 19th century. At that time, the idyllic landscape had long been discovered by aristocrats, rich industrialists and wealthy merchants. They had villas built here by renowned architects and parks created by horticultural artists.

The royal Bavarian chamberlain Carl Ludwig Freiherr von Lotzbeck was no exception. He eventually decided not only to spend his summers in Lindau, but to live here permanently. His descendants continued to live here until the second half of the 20th century. Then part of the entire complex, including the villa, fell victim to modernisation plans. Today, the former park is home to a residential complex and a hotel. Old trees and paths still bear witness to the splendour of the former park.

Other villas that still exist include Villa Alwind, which once belonged to the König family of sugar manufacturers. Leopold König had already built what is now the Hammerschmidt villa in Bonn.

If you would like to find out more, a display board at the Lotzbeckpark viewpoint provides information about the history of the "Bavarian Riviera".

Lindau (Bodensee)

Aussichtspunkt „Lotzbeckpark", Foto: Frederick Sams, Lizenz: Landratsamt Lindau


From the Lotzbeckpark vantage point, follow the promenade and after just one minute you will reach the "Giebelbach" vantage point.

Giebelbach" viewpoint

Relax on the comfortable double loungers and let your gaze wander over the sparkling waters of Lake Constance. At the end of Lindau Island, you can discover the centuries-old Powder Tower. It was built in 1508 as a defence tower. Its original tent roof was reduced in size during the Thirty Years' War to provide less surface area for attack. In 1646/47, it helped to fend off the siege by Swedish troops. After the Napoleonic Wars, the tower was converted into a powder tower. At the end of the 19th century, it was used as the mayor's summer residence. Today, meetings and conferences of the municipal utilities are held behind the two-metre-thick walls.

As a tourist highlight, night watchman Fridolin tells old stories about the Powder Tower from this vantage point.

Lindau (Bodensee)

Aussichtspunkt „Giebelbach“, Foto: Frederick Sams, Lizenz: Landratsamt Lindau


From Lindau's riverside promenade, cycle towards Wasserburg. You will see the Lindenhofpark on your left. A visit to the villa in Lindenhofpark is highly recommended. The foundation stone for the entire villa district was laid here in 1842, when Lindau merchant Friedrich Gruber had an Italian-style country house built and the park laid out. It is still a special place today, as there is a peace museum in the east wing of the villa where you can interactively explore the themes of peace and justice.

Passing the village of Reutenen, you approach Wasserburg. You look back at the charming peninsula with the church of St George. The next destination is Nonnenhorn, which can be reached via Wasserburger Straße. Before you reach the town centre, cycle towards the water again. Here you should look out for the signs for the panoramic cycle tour. Your tour takes you past the Alter Nonnenhorner Torkel, an old wine press, and also leads past the municipal fish hatchery to the "Im Paradies" viewpoint.

Viewpoint "Im Paradies" - Nonnenhorn

The "Im Paradies" viewpoint in Nonnenhorn is an idyllic spot right on the water with a clear view of the Wasserburg peninsula, the Rhine Valley and the mountains around Lake Constance. The state fish hatchery is located right next door. This is where the fish stock in Lake Constance is maintained, as professional fishing is still widespread on Lake Constance.

Wasserburger Str. 2A

Aussichtspunkt „Im Paradies“ - Nonnenhorn, Foto: Frederick Sams, Lizenz: Landratsamt Lindau


The idyllic wine village tempts you to linger and savour. Fancy some delicious Lake Constance fish? Numerous restaurants and cafés along the panoramic cycle route invite you to feast and savour. Or take the opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries with an ice cream sundae. Finally, you will come across the St. Jakobus Chapel in the village of Nonnenhorn before crossing the railway tracks and heading towards Hege and Selmnau.

Once you arrive in Selmnau, you cycle up the dirt track to the "Antoniuskapelle" viewpoint.

Viewpoint "Antoniuskapelle"

St Anthony's Chapel is located on a moraine hill typical of Lake Constance. It was first mentioned in documents as a hermitage in 1492. Surrounded by fragrant orchards and vineyards, you can enjoy a unique view of the Lake Constance region from here. The panorama board provides information about the Austrian and Swiss mountain peaks, the formation of Lake Constance and wine-growing in this region. The ascent to the "Bergle" is well worth it. The comfortable double wooden lounger at the viewpoint invites you to relax in the impressive landscape.

Selmnau 23
Wasserburg (Bodensee)

Aussichtspunkt  „Antoniuskapelle“, Foto: Frederick Sams, Lizenz: Landratsamt Lindau


Accompanied by orchards, the signposts lead you along well-maintained paths via Hengnau and Rickatshofen. A gentle up and down takes you to Unterreitnau. At the village church of St. Urban, turn right onto the country road. Turn right here, cross under the main road after the Lourdes Chapel and turn sharp right immediately after the subway towards Taubenberg. The route climbs into the village. Shortly before Bodolz, the signposts lead to a hidden vantage point, the "Herrmannsberg".

Herrmannsberg" viewpoint

The scent of the orchards around the Herrmannsberg with their juicy, red-cheeked apples immediately catches your nose. Fresh fruit from Lake Constance is known far and wide, and many farmers in Bodolz also cultivate their orchards every year. An apple press, as it was used in the past, and a board with information about Lake Constance apples await you on the Herrmannsberg. And if you would like to see an apple princess, it is best to watch the video, which can be accessed via the QR code on the information board.

Herrmannsberg 2

Aussichtspunkt "Herrmannsberg", Foto: Frederick Sams, Lizenz: Landratsamt Lindau


The onward journey crosses the railway line to Schönau. If you have now worked up an appetite for local apples, juices or wines, you can satisfy it in Schönau, for example. On the way to the last vantage point, you will pass the Haug winery and the Brög fruit farm.

The signposts now lead you to the "Entenberg": Here you have to hitch up your bike and climb some stairs. But it's worth it! Once you have climbed the numerous steps, you will have a clear view of Lindau Island.

Viewpoint "Entenberg"

Numerous steps lead up to the "Entenberg" viewpoint. But it's worth the effort, because once you reach the top, you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view. Who can match the mighty mountains to the four countries? An information board and a video will help! And if you just want to let your gaze wander over Lindau and Lake Constance, you can make yourself comfortable on one of the double loungers.

Kellereiweg 8
Lindau (Bodensee)

Aussichtspunkt „Entenberg“, Foto: Frederick Sams, Lizenz: Landratsamt Lindau

Tour ends on Hauptbahnhof Lindau


With lasting impressions in your luggage, you cycle on. Have you got hungry from all the fresh air and exercise? Then we recommend the Restaurant Rebstock. (Kirchgasse 2, 88131 Lindau (Lake Constance), Tel. 08382 6710 ) You can choose from a variety of Bavarian meat, fish and vegetable dishes, from roast pork knuckle to schnitzel or cabbage doughnuts, served with homemade spaetzle or dumplings.

Follow the signs and cycle back over the bridge to the island of Lindau. If you still have time and leisure, a visit to the numerous historical buildings and the harbour on the island is well worthwhile at the end of your tour.

Tour map


Hauptbahnhof Lindau

88131 Lindau

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