A special party for a special girl or boy

It's your very special day! And here's a special party for you

Give kids variety on their special day. Outdoor activities, museums or indoor playgrounds ÔÇô all over Bavaria, there are exciting destinations that are ideal for a very different kind of birthday celebration.


Kids love celebrating a birthday somewhere other than at home, and this can also be lots of fun for parents. It's so easy to catch a train to the selected location, where entertainment experts take over every aspect of the organisation.

Located right in the heart of the old town, Nuremberg's toy museum has a range of different activities for children aged 4 and up. There's so much to choose from, and there's even a "horror package" for brave souls aged 8 and over. Visits to the "World in Miniature" section are available for groups of up to 12 children - who get to bring a favourite cuddly toy as their "plus one" (along with parents too). Here, exciting competitions and fun challenges teach children about the world of toys and their history.

If the great outdoors are calling, the Gr├╝ntensee climbing wood in the Allg├Ąu region offers an unforgettable outdoor setting for a party. After health and safety training as an introduction, the birthday boy or girl can take 6 friends aged 6-13 up to the high-rise garden in the treetops.

Anyone who wants a roof over their head when celebrating can head to indoor Sport in F├╝rth. It offers a range of customised action packages with everything that a kid could want for their big day. There are classic activities like mini-golf and beach volleyball, less common pursuits like football billiards and bubble soccer, obstacle courses for hoverboards and a radar for measuring the fastest shots on the football pitch. The venue also makes sure that there's plenty to eat and drink all day long.

The museum workshop at W├╝rzburg's Kulturspeicher culture centre specialises in creative activities. Anyone who has their party here gets to discover exciting works of art and learn what they can do with paintbrushes, clay and other media. The centre puts together different party packages to match its current exhibitions. These give children aged 6 and over the opportunity to build, paint and draw their very own works of art. It is possible to bring your own food and drinks to the W├╝rzburg party venue.

Kind mit Helm im Kletterwald Gr├╝ntensee

Climbing with the little ones

The Himalayas are in Bavaria: that's the name of the 15-metre-high course for experienced climbers in the Gr├╝ntensee Climbing Forest. Too high for you and certainly nothing for the kids? There are a total of nine other climbing routes and even a slackline course in this high ropes course.
Au├čenansicht des Kulturspeichers in W├╝rzburg

Kulturspeicher Museum in W├╝rzburg

Located right beside the river Main, the old grain storage facility combines an industrial atmosphere with prize-winning modern architecture. The result: a lively location that forms an impressive setting for art and culture.
Gelbe Bahn im Spielzeugmuseum in N├╝rnberg

A journey through the world of play at the Nuremberg Toy Museum

The whole world on a small scale: Here, young and old are whisked away on a journey through time through the Nuremberg toy world, from the first dolls to the virtual reality console.
Fu├čb├Ąlle und Fu├čballer in Halle

Bubble soccer, crazy golf and football billiards in F├╝rth

At "indoor Sport F├╝rth" leisure centre, visitors can either try out new sports or play the more familiar ones. It offers everything from football billiards to beach volleyball.
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Kulturspeicher Museum in W├╝rzburg
Nearest station: W├╝rzburg main station Oskar-Laredo-Platz 1
97080 W├╝rzburg
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