Blick auf Regensburg vom Wasser

Regensburg has it all

Regensburg has it all for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Bavaria

Be adventurous and go on five different and unforgettable action-packed tours during your daytrip to Regensburg.


Regensburg: small and beautiful, the town on the banks of the Danube has so much to offer, and even a 60-minute high-speed tour will acquaint you with the main sights. These include the cathedral, Bavaria's most important Gothic cathedral, the Wurstkuchl restaurant or the world's oldest "sausage kitchen", and the Stone Bridge, the symbol of the city. An hour is fun, but you should really make more time for the medieval city and its other monuments, such as St. Emmeram Palace with its ducal museums, and the famous Turmtheater theatre, which stages performances high over the rooftops of Regensburg.

The narrow, twisting alleys of the old town are home to scores of traditional little shops for you to browse, and you can admire the countless historical buildings as you stroll around. The town's architectural highlights include its patrician houses and towers, such as the "Golden Cross" on Haidplatz. We can only recommend a stroll along Regensburg's riverbanks as well, as the town's geography gives it an extra-special feature: it is the place where not one but two rivers, the Naab and the Regen, join the Danube. Particularly picturesque are the Obere Wöhrd and Jahninsel islands, located right beside the Stone Bridge. If you're looking for excellent cuisine, Regensburg has a lot for you: a meal with a side order of horror, fine French dining in Restaurant OrphĂ©e (virtually unchanged since 1896), or a small snack at CafĂ© Lila if you're stuck for time. But don't forget one thing: Dampfnudel Uli's eternally popular dumplings, which await you at the end of an easy 13-minute walk from the main station.

Schloss Thurn und Taxis vor blauem Himmel

Glorious film backdrops: St. Emmeram Palace in Regensburg

St. Emmeram Palace in Regensburg is popular with film makers. It's where the German film director Marcus H. RosenmĂĽller filmed the Vatican scenes from his comedy "Wer's glaubt, wird selig" (a German turn of phrase meaning "A likely story!").
Blick vom Fluss aus auf Regensburg

Discover Regensburg's sights on a tour of the Danube metropolis

Regensburg, the small metropolis on the Danube, has a lot to offer: From Regensburg Cathedral to the historic Wurstkuchl and the Stone Bridge, the city is the ideal destination for a day trip by train.
Mehrere Reihen von braunen TheaterstĂĽhlen aus Holz

The Turmtheater theatre in Regensburg

The Turmtheater theatre in Regensburg doesn’t just raise you to lofty cultural heights. The sixth floor of the Goliath Haus offers a comprehensive programme.
Schauspieler, die als Dracula und junge Frau verkleidet sind

Boo!!! "Spooky" dinner in Regensburg

At the "Gruseldinner" (spooky dinner) at Haus Heuport in Regensburg, you may struggle to concentrate on your four-course meal.
Hotelzimmer, das im Vintagestil eingerichtet ist

Every room is an experience: Hotel Orphée in Regensburg

Hotel Orphée in Regensburg has true "star" quality. After all, it has played host to countless photo shoots for several magazines.
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St. Peter's Cathedral
Nearest train station: Regensburg main station Domplatz 1
93047 Regensburg
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