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Adventures and excitement for children

Bruno the dachshund knows where the best adventures are

Small size, big fun! Bruno the dachshund takes you to where the excitement is in Bavaria.


Hi! It's me, Bruno the dachshund. Us sausage dogs are famous for our curiosity and taste for adventure, and I'm definitely no exception. Whenever I go somewhere, I start exploring my surroundings straight away, sniffing out the good things and looking for my next adventure. All I have to do is pick a destination in Bavaria, get on a train and find the most exciting activities when I get there. Now I want to tell you what they are.

I might be small, but no challenge is too big for me. I don't think there's such a thing as too high, too fast or too wild. There's so much for you to experience if you're on holiday in Bavaria. There are trees you can climb, slopes for summer sledging and so much more. The train takes me from one exciting day out to the next. By now, I know Bavaria inside-out, and I want to share my insider tips with all you brave kids out there! I want you to have as much fun as me.

Spessart climbing forest

Normally, us sausage dogs keep our feet firmly on the ground – our legs aren't very long, after all. But whenever I get the chance to go climbing, I really jump at it. The Spessart climbing forest in the northwest corner of Bavaria is one of my favourite places to go climbing. It has routes and challenges for everyone who like clambering about, and it lets you gradually get used to being up high. The "little wolf" and "big bear" routes are just 1.5 metres above the ground at most, so they're perfect for children aged 3 and more. Some of the next generation of mountaineers I met here were hardly any bigger than me! Well, maybe I'm exaggerating – even toddlers are usually taller than a dachshund. No matter how big or small you are, you'll have a great time testing out your skills on the see-saws, swings, ropes and bridges. The higher courses are colour-coded blue, green, orange and yellow, and they are up to 10 metres above the ground. It's a fantastic feeling to swing from vine to vine up there, carefully cross bridges and climb though spiderwebs made from ropes. No matter where you go, you're safe thanks to your climbing harness and helmet. All the same, it always made me a bit dizzy – but still excited – whenever I looked down. Children under the age of 12 have to be accompanied by their parents.

I have another tip for you: there's a wildlife park right next door to the climbing area. Deer, mountain goads and wild boar live in the park. Once, when I was up there in the treetops, I could see some of my four-legged friends in the fields beside the wood. I was so excited that I had to bark a big hello at them, but that gave them such a fright that a lot of them ran away! So when you meet an animal in the wood or the wildlife park, it's a good idea to be very quiet – that way, you won't scare anyone.

Aim for the sky: Treetop adventure in the Spessart

Treetop adventure park "Kletterwald Spessart" in Heigenbrücken has a thrill and a challenge for everyone, whatever their age. While the little ones play around on the lower parcours, the bravest can take part in a Treejump – 20 metres high above the ground!
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GrĂĽntensee climbing forest

I was able to show how brave I am when I went climbing at the opposite end of Bavaria too. It was at GrĂĽntensee, far away in the southwest. There's another climbing forest there, and what I really like about it are the eleven courses with different levels of difficulty that were made specifically for families. Children aged 3-5 have a route that's just one metre above the ground, but kids aged 6 and over can head for higher climbing courses. With exciting names like "witches' walk" and "pirate gangway", the four routes take bigger kids up to 4.5 metres, and they get to test their balance on moving obstacles made of wood and rope. Cooperating with other climbers is essential for any child navigating these routes, and families need stamina and skill as they work together. At the end, there is a zipline with flying fox that takes the brave climbers back down to the ground, where an adventure playground is ready and waiting for you to use up all your energy and excitement. If you want to see more of the animals and plants around the lake, just pick one of the many walking trails. Some of them are even level enough for prams and pushchairs.

Go on a treetop adventure with your children

The "Bavarian Himalayas": This is the name of the 15-metre-high parcours in "GrĂĽntensee" climbing park, designed for the most seasoned climbers. If you think that's a bit high for even you, let alone for the children, then you needn't worry. This high-ropes adventure course has nine other climbing routes and even a slacklining parcours.
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Summer sledge rides at Kronach

Speeding downhill with the wind in my fur – this is the reason I love going to Kronach and riding on the summer toboggan run! The metal track is located just half an hour's walk from the town's station. When I got to the course, I climbed into the bright orange sledge and got towed up the hillside for 250 metres. The view from up there was lovely. You get to see the Rodach valley and all of Kronach, with its medieval centre. There were cows with their calves in the fields around me, and I said hello to them. Quietly, because I didn't want to scare anyone by barking. But I didn't really have much time to look around – when you get to the top, what you do next is head back down! The sledges really pick up speed and my ears were streaming in the wind. The route is super-fast and super-safe thanks to its tracks – it works a bit like a train. I saw a few children who were on the slide by themselves. Others were with one of their parents, sitting in mum or dad's lap as they shot down the hill.

Rush of adrenaline on the toboggan run in Kronach

First it's a comfortable climb to the top, and then it's full pelt back down again: The "Fröschbrunna Coaster" summer toboggan run is something for the whole family to enjoy.
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Tyrol's wild water tour

I love being by the water in the summer. One of my favourite places to do this is Reutte, just across the border in Austria. Here in the mountains, there is a small river called the Archbach, and a special guide takes you down the cool, narrow gorge it has cut through the rocks. When you go on this hike, you can show how brave you are by abseiling from a height of several metres, jumping into the water below or slithering down the rocks into the river. The instructions for canyoning are easy: you can do what you want, but you don't have to do anything you don't want. When on a hard part of the route, be careful when taking the next step. Everyone makes up their own mind about what they feel comfortable with. You can take a detour any time you reach a place that is too hard or high for you. This means you can be as daring as you want, when you want. I had a lot of butterflies in my stomach before I jumped from a height of 6 metres. But then I decided it was time to be brave, so I took a run-up and, barking with excitement, I jumped over the edge into the cool water below.

A wild water adventure in Tyrol

Your aqua adventure begins just a few minutes away from Reutte station. It's a trip that is bound to create unforgettable memories.
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Reutte in Tirol

Hi-Sky in Munich

Munich has a big wheel that takes you way up high. It's even called the "Hi-Sky"! 78 metres from top to bottom, it's the largest movable big wheel in the world, and it's located right beside the city's Ostbahnhof railway station. You need a head for heights if you want to go on it! Step into a cabin and get ready for a fantastic journey. For 30 minutes, you get a wonderful panorama view of Bavaria's capital city. You can see the towers of the old town hall and the main church in the city centre, as well as the big new football stadium on the edge of town. I even spotted sheep and hens living on the roof of a building nearby: that was a cute surprise!

360° Munich – see heaven and earth from the Hi-Sky big wheel

The Hi-Sky big wheel offers all its visitors a breathtaking panorama of Munich and the Alpine foreland.
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MĂĽnchen Ost

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