Blick auf das Alte Rathaus, Dom und Kloster St Michael - Bamberg Steigerwald, Foto: Holger Leue, Lizenz: FrankenTourismus

On a journey of discovery through Franconia: Your 2 to 5-day city tour with the Deutschland-Ticket

A round trip by regional train through Franconia opens the doors to a world of diversity and beauty hidden in this unique region of Bavaria. From historic cities to time out in nature - every stop on this journey promises unforgettable experiences.

Your multi-day discovery tour through Franconia with the Deutschland-Ticket

Whether you opt for 3 or 4 days, the Deutschland-Ticket allows you to organize your trip through Franconia flexibly and easily. Use all local trains and enjoy the freedom to put together your route according to your own interests and preferences. In addition to the fixed stops on our route, there are numerous optional stops that invite you to explore.

Your itinerary with the Germany Ticket through Franconia could look like this:

Day 1: Nuremberg

Start your trip in the historic city of Nuremberg. We recommend spending the entire first day here to explore the Imperial Castle, the Old Town and the numerous museums at your leisure. As the gateway to Franconia, Nuremberg offers a fascinating mix of medieval charm and modern flair. Here, in Bavaria's second-largest city, tradition and innovation come together to create an atmosphere that captivates both locals and visitors alike. From the majestic Imperial Castle towering over the rooftops to the narrow streets of the Old Town that tell stories of times gone by, Nuremberg is the perfect starting point for our trip.

The city is a treasure trove of cultural highlights, historical sights and culinary delights. The famous Nuremberg sausages and traditional gingerbread are just a taste of the variety that awaits you here. Immerse yourself in the vibrant history of Nuremberg, explore Albrecht D├╝rer's works of art and let yourself be enchanted by the unique atmosphere of this city.

Junge Frau in Altstadt in N├╝rnberg

Nuremberg and its sights: On a city tour through Bavaria's second largest city

The Franconian metropolis of Nuremberg has much more to offer than the world-famous Christkindlesmarkt. Join us on a city adventure through Bavaria's second largest city and discover Nuremberg's sights. Here, the old town, shaped by the Middle Ages, meets urban trendy districts. Discover Nuremberg by train now!
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Day 2: Optional stop at the Maximilian Grotto near Neuhaus an der Pegnitz

Plan this excursion for the morning of the second day before continuing on to Bayreuth.

From vibrant Nuremberg, our round trip starts in an easterly direction, where we take the regional express (RE30 or RE32) through green valleys to our first major stop in Bayreuth. The route along the Pegnitz reveals the natural beauty of Franconia and takes us through charming towns such as Pegnitz and Creu├čen. However, it is not only the towns themselves, but also the hidden natural treasures along the route that make this section of our rail journey an unforgettable experience.

One highlight of this stage is undoubtedly the Maximilian's Grotto near Neuhaus an der Pegnitz. This impressive stalactite cave is not only a natural wonder, but is also home to the largest stalactite in the country. The mysterious atmosphere and fascinating formations in the Maximiliansgrotte provide an exciting contrast to the urban vitality of Nuremberg and invite you on an unforgettable excursion into the underworld. Plan this excursion for the morning of the second day before continuing on to Bayreuth.

For those who crave an active exploration, an optional stop in Pegnitz offers the perfect opportunity. The circular hiking tour on the Eichblattweg leads through varied landscapes and offers insights into the untouched nature of the region. This hike is a great way to stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh Franconian air before continuing your journey.

Day 2: Bayreuth and Kulmbach

On the second day, take the regional express (RE30 or RE32) to Bayreuth. Allow about half a day to discover the cultural treasures of Bayreuth, including the festival halls and the historic city center. Then continue to Kulmbach, where you can spend the rest of the day exploring the Plassenburg and the local beer culture.

The cultural treasures of Bayreuth

After leaving the Pegnitz valley behind us, we reach Bayreuth, a city known worldwide for the annual Bayreuth Festival. The city on the Red Main enchants visitors with a mixture of cultural highlights and architectural masterpieces.

Bayreuth welcomes its guests with an impressive variety of sights, starting with the Romanesque-influenced town church, the oldest building in the town, whose origins date back to 1194. An absolute must is the ascent to the former tower keeper's apartment in the bell tower, from where you can enjoy a unique view over the city.

Innenansicht des Saals im Opernhaus Bayreuth

Clear the stage for Bayreuth

The small Bavarian town on the Red Main has made a name for itself not only as a film set for Tatort or as the venue for the famous Bayreuth Festival. Bayreuth offers so many other charming attractions.
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Castles and the art of brewing in Franconia: Kulmbach's treasures

Our round trip through Franconia with the Deutschland-Ticket takes us on to the historic town of Kulmbach, where the impressive Plassenburg Castle towers high above the town. The majestic castle, whose origins date back almost 900 years, once served as the center of power of the Hohenzollern dynasty and today houses four museums that offer a fascinating insight into the life and military of that bygone era.

For all those who are not only interested in history but also in brewing, Kulmbach also offers the opportunity to take part in a beer seminar. Here, the thirsty can learn more about the art of brewing beer and find out why certain types of beer taste so incomparable.

Plassenburg mit Blick auf die Stadt

Plassenburg castle: A foray through the history of Kulmbach

Plassenburg castle is nearly 900 years old and was once the centre of power of the House of Hohenzollern. But today, within its walls you'll find four museums dedicated to the life and military of that era.
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Day 3: Lichtenfels and Bad Staffelstein

Start your third day with a visit to Lichtenfels, the "German basket town". One morning is enough to visit the basket museum and gain an insight into the traditional craft of basket weaving. Then drive to Bad Staffelstein to spend the afternoon relaxing in the Obermain Therme.

Lichtenfels Craftsmanship

From the walls of Plassenburg Castle in Kulmbach, our journey with the Deutschland-Ticket continues through Franconia. We follow the course of the Main, which runs through this region like a silver ribbon and takes us from Kulmbach to Lichtenfels, a place characterized by a very special craft: the art of basket weaving.

Lichtenfels, affectionately known as the "German basket town", offers us the unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the world of traditional basket making. The River Main, which has brought us here, also plays a role in the history of basket weaving, as the willow rods that grow along its banks are the basic material for this ancient craft.

An approximately 14-kilometre circular adventure trail that connects Lichtenfels with the basket museum in the basket-making community of Michelau offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape along the Main and embark on an exciting journey through time through the ancient craft of basket weaving.

Lichtenfels Blick vom Stadtturm, Foto: Klaus Wendel

Everyone gets a basket here!

Experience the ancient culture of basket weaving in Lichtenfels! On this walk through the town, the historic town castle and the basket museum await you on the "Path of Wickerwork Culture".
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Wellness at the Obermain Therme Bad Staffelstein

After exploring the cultural and artisanal treasures of Kulmbach and Lichtenfels, our journey with the Deutschland-Ticket now takes us to Bad Staffelstein. A paradise for anyone looking for relaxation and wellness awaits us here: the Obermain Therme Bad Staffelstein. Bavaria's warmest and strongest thermal brine offers a unique seaside feeling far from the coast.

Bad Staffelstein is also an ideal starting point for cycling tours around the Main valley. How about a "pleasure bike tour"? Explore the region's beer culture and immerse yourself in the history of the home of the famous mathematician Adam Ries. If you opt for the bike tour, you can also sample the non-alcoholic specialties of the local brewing art. Cycle through the picturesque Banzer Forest and admire the charming Franconian half-timbered villages along the way. An unforgettable excursion into the history and culture of Franconia!

Foto: Obermain Therme Bad Staffelstein

The Obermain Therme: Bavaria's warmest and strongest thermal brine

At the Obermain Therme in Bad Staffelstein, Bavaria's strongest thermal brine provides cosy warmth and a real seaside feeling.
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Day 4: Bamberg

On the fourth day of your trip, you will reach Bamberg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We recommend taking the whole day to explore the historic town with its numerous sights, such as the Gardeners' Town and Bamberg Cathedral.

From relaxed Bad Staffelstein, we continue our exploration tour by train through Franconia and follow the Main to Bamberg. As part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bamberg offers a fascinating mix of historical splendor, cultural gems and culinary delights. Bamberg's city of gardeners (G├Ąrtnerstadt) bears witness to a long tradition of urban agriculture and historic residential culture. Bamberg's beauty is also revealed in all its glory along the banks of the Regnitz. This historic backdrop invites you to take a relaxing stroll and enjoy the diverse architecture and tranquil atmosphere of the riverbanks.

A culinary highlight that should not be missed on any visit to Bamberg is the typical Bamberg bratwurst. This local specialty is traditionally known as "Blauer Zipfel". This dish, in which the sausages are cooked in a sour broth, is not only a taste sensation, but also part of Franconian food culture.

Rathaus in Bamberg mit Fluss

Bamberg: An excursion with Alsatian charm in the centre of Franconia!

Bamberg is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is just waiting to be discovered by you. With historical beauty, cultural and culinary highlights, the old town is the ideal destination for a day trip and just a short walk from the train station where you will arrive if you are travelling to Bamberg by train.
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Return journey via Erlangen to F├╝rth and back to Nuremberg 

From Bamberg, your journey takes you via Erlangen, where you can make a short stop to get to know the university town. The last stop on your round trip is F├╝rth. Spend a few hours here before returning to Nuremberg.

Erlangen and F├╝rth: between university flair and half-timbered facades

On our Franconia round trip with the Deutschland-Ticket, we continue south by train along the Regnitz and pass Erlangen. For those who decide to make a stopover here, a lively student city center with plenty of history awaits. Erlangen offers a lively university atmosphere, green oases such as the palace gardens and cultural highlights.

But our journey continues, with F├╝rth as our next destination before we return to Nuremberg. F├╝rth, often affectionately referred to as Nuremberg's "little sister", is in no way overshadowed by its larger neighboring city. It proudly bears the title of "city with the highest density of monuments in Bavaria". The historic center of the city is characterized by entire streets with original half-timbered houses that take visitors back to bygone times.

Luftaufnahme der Altstadt in F├╝rth

Explore the sights in F├╝rth: Your day trip to the charming Franconian beauty

F├╝rth can not only call itself "the city with the highest density of monuments in Bavaria", it even exudes Italian flair around the town hall square. Would you like to know why? Come with us on a day trip to the charming Franconian city of F├╝rth and discover its most beautiful corners.
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Our journey by train through the small and large towns of Franconia now takes us back to Nuremberg. For those who want to experience the way back in a special way, the nature trail between Nuremberg and F├╝rth offers a unique opportunity. The path takes you past idyllic parks and through flowering gardens, a perfect route for anyone who loves the contrast between urban life and nature.

If you want to explore Franconia or the whole of Bavaria further, the Deutschland-Ticket is an excellent way to explore other regions in comfort by train. Whether for day trips or journeys lasting several days - the ticket opens the doors to Bavaria's diverse landscapes, rich culture and historical treasures. Take the opportunity to discover the beauty of Germany in an environmentally friendly and relaxed way.