Kind im Kindermuseum in M├╝nchen

Interactive museums in Bavaria

Have fun while learning about the world: these museums are the place to do it

Explore, learn and experiment: these five museums are where to go for a real hands-on experience.


A cultural experience for the adults, an afternoon of adventure for the kids: visitors to Neu-Ulm's Edwin Scharff Museum start by viewing the famous artist's works, while the children's section next door gives youngsters the chance to get creative themselves and conduct their own experiments. This section hosts changing displays dedicated to different topics. Munich is home to another kid's museum, which runs special exhibitions that give children the chance to figure out the big (and little) mysteries of everyday life for themselves. One example: where does the air we breathe come from? Staying on that particular topic, Amberg's Air Museum is where you get to see, feel and hear the gas that's all around us. If you'd prefer an excursion into yesteryear, you can use some of your summer holiday to see the old mines at Gr├╝nten: they now welcome tourists who want to go underground and see what life was like for the miners of yore. At the Buchheim Museum of Phantasy, you can enjoy looking at the exciting collection of paintings and other works, but that's not all ÔÇô the museum also gives you the opportunity to try your hand at art as well.

Ausstellung im Edwin Scharff Museum

The Edwin Scharff Museum: a place for visitors of all ages

Neu-Ulm's Edwin Scharff Museum is a unique institution that contains an interactive children's museum alongside exhibition rooms dedicated to the artist's work and modern art in Germany.
Kind im Kindermuseum in M├╝nchen

The children's museum in Munich proves that learning is fun

With its exciting exhibits, interactive features and workshops, we bet the children's museum in Munich is going to become your child's new favourite place to go.
Blauer Himmel mit wenigen Schleierwolken

The Air Museum in Amberg

The Air Museum in Engelsburg castle in Amberg features air that you can hear, see and touch, spread out over three floors totalling 650 square metres.
Treppe in einer H├Âhle

World of discovery on the Gr├╝nten in Burgberg in the Allg├Ąu: Discover the world of mining

There is a long tradition of mining in the Allg├Ąu. And for this reason an entire museum village has been dedicated to the "Erzgruben" (ore mines).
Buchheim Museum in Bernried vor blauem Himmel

"Fantasy" museum in Bernried: Buchheim Museum der Phantasie

All his life, author, film-maker and painter Lothar-G├╝nther Buchheim collected paintings and artefacts. Now, visitors can see his collection at the museum (4,000 m2) by Lake Starnberg.
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Amberg Air Museum
Nearest station: Amberg Eichenforstg├Ą├čchen 12
92224 Amberg
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