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Bavaria is famous for its breathtaking landscapes. Once you've experienced the state's natural beauty, you never want the memories of the lakes, mountains and forests to fade away. These picture-perfect landscapes have been inspiring painters for generations. They appear on postcards and can be quickly snapped on a smartphone or captured in loving detail with a professional camera. Put simply, Bavaria is a place that inspires you to pick up your paint brushes.

On sunny days, you can hike the Karwendel mountains at an altitude of over 2,000 metres, taking either the mountain train or going by foot with hiking shoes and climbing equipment. However you get there, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views over the Isar valley.  

Lake Constance, situated between Germany, Switzerland and Austria, is another place that makes the heart beat faster, with nothing but blue water and white sails as far as the eye can see. The best way to enjoy the natural beauty of Germany's largest lake is of course on the lake itself. You can either rent a pedalo or rowing boat, or enjoy a tour of the lake on something a little sturdier.

The "Altherrenweg" walking path through the Ammergau Alps offers enjoyable treks for walkers of all ages.After wandering through rolling hills, shady forests and fragrant mountain meadows, walkers can enjoy typical regional cooking at the highest point of the route in the Romanshöhe guesthouse.

Lake Kochel also boasts outstanding natural beauty. Located at the foot of the Bavarian Alps, it is surrounded by alpine cliffs and rolling foothills. It is the ideal starting point for fans of sports and nature, whether you enjoy hiking, Nordic walking, e-bike tours, mountain biking, diving or kayaking. You can also rent bikes, canoes, rowing boats and pedalos close to the train station in Kochel.

The Staffelsee in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen region features countless islands that obstruct the view to the other side, making it almost impossible to truly appreciate the sheer size of the lake. Island hoppers can rent kayaks, rowing boats, pedalos or stand-up paddle boards to explore. Those enjoying a day out with the family can explore the 30-kilometre route around the lake, which is perfect for exploring by bike. If you fancy a change of scene and want to shorten the route a little, take the boat from Uffing to Murnau.

Mittenwald's Karwendelbahn cablecar takes you to dizzying heights

The Karwendelbahn cablecar at Mittenwald only needs a few minutes to whisk visitors from an altitude of 933 metres to 2,244 metres. At the top of the line, they can take in the amazing view of the Isar valley and call into the visitor centre about the Karwendel range's natural environment. The information available there is as engrossing as the building's appearance.
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Round trips in the border triangle at Lake Constance

At Lake Constance in the border triangle, seafaring hearts beat faster: between Bregenz in Austria and Constance in Germany, the other shore cannot even be guessed at, even with the best distant views. Nothing but blue water and white sails as far as the eye can see.
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Lindau Hbf (main station)

Altherrenweg: A pathway for elderly men? Not at all!

Altherrenweg literally means "old men's path", but with forest streams and wooden sculptures, the hiking trail offers a great experience for walkers of all ages.
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Perfect for nature photos: Lake Kochel

Walk in Franz Marc's footsteps: Kochel am See was both a retreat and a source of inspiration for the famous artist. Let the original locations at the lake take effect on you during a walk and take the opportunity yourself for artistic snapshots at this beautiful lake in Bavaria.
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Alpenblick Lido: A swimming haven on Lake Staffelsee

For decades, the small Alpenblick Lido, with its café, pier and boat hire, has been a key attraction in Uffing am Staffelsee.
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Uffing am Staffelsee
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Karwendelbahn cable car
Nearest station: Mittenwald Alpenkorpsstraße 1
82481 Mittenwald
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