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The fairytales of the Brothers Grimm come to life in Bavaria's forests, towns and amusement parks.

Bavaria: Land of fairytales

Once upon a time, there was a magic train that took people to a world of princesses, goblins and wizards. Actually, that time is now and this is no fairytale. We've put together some tips to enchant kids and adults alike. But be warned: some of them are a bit gruesome.


From dwarfs and gnomes to evil sorcerers and kidnapped princesses, the forests, towns and parks of Bavaria offer plenty of great ideas for fairytale lovers young and old, and can be reached easily by train.

The fairytale forest at Wolfratshausen

The fairytale forest at Wolfratshausen in the Isar valley is a mysterious place. There is even a witch's house at the edge of the path. As the witch stands in the door, Gretel sits at the window and Hansel peers out through the bars of his cage. These three figures lie still until you press the button on the fence, upon which they come to life and start to move as the story of Hansel and Gretel is told. There are a total of 260 figures along the path that come to life literally at the push of the button to tell their stories in German or English. Under the tall spruce trees, beloved fairytales like Hansel and Gretel, Snow White or The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats become real. There is also a large area with playgrounds, rides and slides.Action comes in the form of a rollercoaster and climbing park, where children can climb and play on fairytale-sized squirrels and colourful snails.  

Fairytale path in the Oberpfalz

Visitors who book a tour of the fairytale path in the Oberpfalz will be taken on a magical journey, as a professional storyteller recounts the tales of the forest's mythical inhabitants. The nine sculpture stations along the path depict forest tales that visitors can read or have read to them using their smartphone and a QR code.  

Gnome trail around Bad Kissingen

Smaller even than the dwarfs are the gnomes of Bad Kissingen, according to the poet Johann Nepomuk MĂĽller, who came from the town. The legend of the gnomes lives on today. If you keep your eyes peeled as you walk through the forest between Bad Kissingen and Euerdorf, you will soon find the moss-covered sandstones with their little caves that provide the perfect hiding places for these tiny creatures. The gnomes usually stay in their caves during the day, but if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of one. Kids will definitely have plenty to do here.

The gruesome tales of Bavaria's cities

The magical figures of the fantasy realm can also be found in the big cities. Away from the forests, visitors can go on the hunt for witches, ghosts and spectres through Bavaria's old town centres. What are the most blood-curdling places in Munich? Why did Bamberg become so famous for witch hunting in the middle ages? The historical tours through the cities can be as exciting as a good thriller, and are not just reserved for kids. In Nuremberg, for example, the story of the headless ghosts will give you goosebumps, while it is believed that the devil himself had a part to play in the construction of Munich's famous Frauenkirche.

Legoland in GĂĽnzburg

If scary stories are not your thing, head to Legoland in GĂĽnzburg. Here you will find detailed reconstructions of famous landmarks and cities like Neuschwanstein castle, the Allianz Arena, Berlin, Venice and the Eiffel Tower. Alongside these, the park has plenty of exciting attractions and activities for Lego fans young and old. There are rollercoasters and water rides for action lovers, as well as the exciting worlds of Lego favourites like Ninjago, Nexo Knights, pirates, pharaohs and castles. After an action-packed day, a selection of cafes and restaurants provide the perfect opportunity to relax.

Visit Little Red Riding Hood at the Märchenwald (fairy tale forest) in Wolfratshausen

Lots of playing and climbing facilities, a fairy tale train and fast rides make visiting the Märchenwald (fairy tale forest) in Wolfratshausen an adventure.
Nächstgelegener Bahnhof:

The fairy tale trail in the Upper Palatinate

Even a simple stroll can be magical: dive into the world of fairy tales on the Schönwerth fairy tale trail.
Nächstgelegener Bahnhof:
Regensburg Hbf (main station)

Guided tours with a scare factor

If you’re looking for a guided tour that is in no way boring, you should book a night-time tour with a scare factor.
Nächstgelegener Bahnhof:
NĂĽrnberg Hbf (Nuremberg main station)

Goblins at full moon in Bad Kissingen

It is said that goblins live in the middle of the forest not far from the southern edge of the town of Bad Kissingen. According to legend, they come to the surface during a full moon.
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Bad Kissingen
LEGOLAND® Deutschland Resort

It's a child's dream at Legoland GĂĽnzburg

Do you prefer building your fairy tale world out of little blocks? Then head on over to Legoland GĂĽnzburg! Over 50 attractions await visitors.
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Märchenwald (fairy tale forest)
Nearest station: Wolfratshausen Kräuterstraße 39
82515 Wolfratshausen
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