Home Inspiration From the platform straight to the cross-country ski trail – the most beautiful routes

From the platform straight to the cross-country ski trail – the most beautiful routes


One of the most underestimated sports there is – a couple of skis, shoes and sticks. That's all you need for cross-country skiing. You can find the most beautiful cross-country skiing routes in Bavaria here.

24 different routes through the Franconian Forest

The "Rennsteig" region around Steinbach am Wald has a suitable route for everyone. The routes are between four and eleven kilometres long.
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75 kilometres of cross-country skiing around Oberstdorf

There are 75 kilometres of prepared, modern loipes very close to Oberstdorf station.
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Cross-country skiing and firing practice near the Zugspitze

The 10-kilometre loipe begins right behind Klais station and is dubbed the "sporty" route for good reason.
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Family-friendly cross-country skiing in the Ammergau Alps

The loipe from Unterammergau to Oberammergau is ideal for the whole family. It has a distance of 5.6 kilometres, with moderate inclines and wide tracks.
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Biathlon and cross-country skiing for everyone in the shadow of Germany's highest mountain

Lovers of cross-country skiing can enjoy themselves in the shadow of Germany's highest mountain: the Zugspitze. With 130 kilometres of perfectly prepared trails, this snowy winter wonderland is just waiting to be discovered.
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Steinbach Leisure Centre
Nearest station: Steinbach am Wald Badstraße 2
96361 Steinbach am Wald
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