Unterschiedliches Holzspielzeug im gedimmten Licht auf einem Tisch

Day trips back to the past

Journey of discovery through time

Whether it's an exciting knight's playground, thrilling museums or a historic town - these destinations will transport you back in time in no time.


Children are bursting with curiosity and a thirst for adventure and always want to discover new things. That's why we've gone on a search and put together the best excursion destinations in Bavaria that you can explore together with your children. All kinds of exciting things await you on your joint excursions by train throughout Bavaria. Along the way, young and old explorers will learn a lot of exciting facts about the history of various cities in Bavaria.

Across Regensburg - a city tour of a special kind

The old town of Regensburg with its narrow cobblestone streets and the hundreds of years old houses knows how to enchant with its charm. Especially impressive are the patrician houses for which Regensburg is famous. They used to serve as residences for the rich citizens of the city. In many places, Regensburg still looks like it did in the Middle Ages. On a child-friendly city tour with Schlaumaus, you can learn all about the exciting life in the medieval city. During the tour, children can even slip into real chain mail. Another Regensburg highlight has been located next to the Stone Bridge for over 500 years: the Wurstkuchl, the oldest bratwurst roasting house in the world. Here, homemade sausages are roasted on an open charcoal grill and served with sauerkraut from their own fermentation cellar. Regensburg Cathedral is also a destination for the whole family. There are always exciting guided tours, programs and offers here - especially for children! What does butter have to do with the cathedral stained glass windows? How do you make your own tea and ointments from herbs? Why is there a blue donkey in the cathedral? And where is the devil hiding with his grandmother? There are new things to discover here all year round.

Blick vom Fluss aus auf Regensburg

Discover Regensburg's sights on a tour of the Danube metropolis

Regensburg, the small metropolis on the Danube, has a lot to offer: From Regensburg Cathedral to the historic Wurstkuchl and the Stone Bridge, the city is the ideal destination for a day trip by train.

Jousting, castle storming, hanging from suspension bridges - the knights' playground in Pfronten-Ried. 

We stay in the Middle Ages, in the time of knight tournaments and castles. In Pfronten-Ried, a real knight's playground awaits young medieval fans - with a suspension bridge, keep and castle tower. There's even a wooden tournament horse that can be used for the pennant toss. But you have to pedal hard and hold the lance tightly. From time to time, real knights in armor drop by the playground and show how children played in the 14th century.

Kinder auf dem Ritterspielplatz Pfronten

For little damsels and knights: the knights' playground in Pfronten-Ried

The life of knights in their sights: on an excursion to the Allg├Ąu K├Ânigswinkel, children can play like in the Middle Ages at the knights' playground in Pfronten. Then it's off to the Falkenstein brewery inn, which smells of hops and malt.

Teddy bears, dolls and other toys through the ages: the Sonneberg Toy Museum

The Sonneberg Toy Museum gives you a glimpse into the past and shows you how children used to play. By means of numerous exhibits, it is explained how playing - and of course the toys - have changed over the centuries. In Germany's oldest toy collection, you will also find numerous toys from all over the world. Of course, you and your children can also get active and play at the museum yourself. There are two special play areas for this purpose - and especially during the vacation season, the museum always offers exciting afternoon programs. For adventurous explorers, the museum rally is particularly exciting: the aim is to solve tricky puzzles throughout the exhibition.

Unterschiedliches Holzspielzeug im gedimmten Licht auf einem Tisch

Sonneberg Toy Museum

In the town on the southern edge of the Thuringian Forest, children's eyes sparkle: there is much to marvel at in the Sonneberg Toy Museum.

The Fuggers and Welsers - the rich and powerful in Augsburg's past

The Fuggers and Welsers were two very influential Augsburg families in the 15th and 16th centuries. Even their own housing estate including their own church, the so-called Fuggerei, was built on their behalf and still stands today. Augsburg itself was one of the great trading cities of Europe at that time. The Fugger and Welser Experience Museum tells you all about this and reveals all kinds of exciting facts from the past with the help of various audio, reading and video stations. Meet Jakob Fugger the Rich and Bartholomew V. Welser in person and listen to what they have to say. Or slip into the role of a ship's captain and experience the exertion and dangers of the sea voyages of that time. There is a lot for the whole family to discover and try out at the Fugger & Welser Adventure Museum.

Kartentisch im Fugger und Weiser Erlebnismuseum

The Fugger and Welser Experience Museum

The history of Augsburg's most important merchant and patrician families, presented in a highly modern and tangible way.
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